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34: Modern Warfare, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, & RDR2 comes to PC finally [transcript]

what's up everybody? Welcome back to the overachievers gaming podcast. I am recording, buddy. You never know. I'm always watching. I've watched you sleep finger on the trigger finger on the trigger, which is appropriate for today is discussion about a call of duty and red dead redemption two. But anyway, uh, I am your host Charlie AKA VASH, joined as always by the lovely Dominic Armand Gallia.

Well thank you. I feel lovely. Good. You look a little lovely. Thank you so much above the stash.

The stash is doing well for you right now. So yeah. Oh, there it is. Okay, here we go. You can find us on instagram@ojidotpodcasttwitteratoverachieversprwebsiteisbeingoverachiever.com where you can get this episode and every episode where we talk about male fashion advice, coffee, what it's like to live in Brooklyn. Uh, and, but most importantly video games is what we talk about for the most part. Um, every now and then we talk about video games. That's right. Yes. Um, anyway, uh, yeah, so you can check us out on there. Uh, we also do a, if you're new to this podcast, we also do a segment called the Marvel strike force insider, which we do every other week as well as this normally scheduled podcast in which we talking about the game Marvel strike force, which you can play on mobile. We love it. We hate it. We complain about it quite a bit. We mostly love it. Mostly let's say it's like a 60, 40.

Yeah, that's, that's a solid solid ratio.

But uh, yeah. So this time we're going to be talking about just video games in general in which what we have coming out this week's topics will be red dead redemption two coming to PC. Modern warfare has resurfaced. I picked it up and then uh, Dom you have some stuff going on too with like watch Battlestar Galactica.

Yeah, really, really random. Uh, I'll just get into the, should I just get into this real quick? What, how, how was he, what happened? I thought I told you about it. So that was last week or week before that I had to go to Montana for the week for a travel job for a shoot. And um, I was just like, man, what am I going to do? I'm in the middle of nowhere, Montana. I brought my switch and I saw in the store there was a sale for Battlestar Galactica deadlock for 30 bucks. I've heard about this game before. It's a, a, a turn-based realtime strategy involved in the universe of Battlestar Galactica, which I don't know if you watch any of Battlestar Galactica. I couldn't get into it. I tried. Oh, I remember actually when we lived together, you, you and Amanda were trying to watch it and had a really bad day for nights scene and you're like, I'm done.

Is that, and plus like, I know it's like, it's a little dated at this point, so it's limited. It's just, it, just, the dialogs just, that's fine. It's terrible. It's one of them. It's still one of my favorite shows, fracking, Johns where you're right, toasters and yeah, I still love the show. It's still, it's, there's something about it that holds a special place in my heart being over my friend James's place. Like every day in the summer, we would stay up until like 5:00 AM watching Beltsville Galactica, just, you know, this all do love it. But the, the, the ridiculous thing about Battlestar Galactica is that, uh, in the space fights, they have a lot of weird snap zooms and all this like really weird cinematics, right? So in Battlestar Galactica deadlock, after you've won a mission, you had the option to replay the mission or, um, uh, watch the mission and they, they will replay it in the cinematic style of the show.

So like, alright, it's, I'm going to S I'm going to stream it after this. I really want to stream it. I'm so curious. I mean, I don't care if I'm watching it or not, I just want to, I just want it to be shown. But like, you'll, you'll do the mission. And so like, you know, you could have like, the mission might require you to fight like, you know, a couple of frigates, a capital ship, whatever. Right? And it's all turn-based so it's like fairly strategic. It's like pretty, pretty difficult. I had to restart my campaign cause I realized how bad I was doing at first and now I've got the hang of it. But then you'll win and if you killed all the ships and you only lost one, it'll be like, like it has the music, it has like close up of like the ships and it will do all the ridiculous like snap zooms and like ah, it's honestly I'm loving it because I already liked real time strategies anyway.

Like that's what I would say got me into gaming really. But I didn't think I would like a based real time strategy but it really does add to, can I answer the strategy? Because you have to guess where your opponent's going. It's not like if you're playing StarCraft, if you just like bring a drone over to like your enemies space, you could see everything. You know what's happening. Like you could, you get placed observation points around the map and if they roll up on you, you know what's happening. But in this, it's almost like a big square grid and you know, you like forgets can move further and faster. Um, uh, bigger, bigger ships go slower and battle stars go even slower. So you have to like really position stuff in a way that hopefully if I move my battle started this spot, hopefully it'll even make a difference because if, if their frigates go wide around, it's irrelevant.

You know what I mean? Um, you got to like make decisions on like, am I going to fire torpedoes that have no guidance, they just go to straight line or am I gonna use guided missiles that do, that are guided but like they are not as powerful. You know what I mean? So it's almost like crazy. It's probably the most strategic RDS I've ever played. Cause like when I play this [inaudible], excuse me, I have to think more. With StarCraft, I just fall into the rhythm of the game I've been playing since I was like 10. You know what I mean? I just, you started getting minerals. You, you make some dirt, wings, whatever. You rush, you don't rush, doesn't matter. But with this game you really have to think. And it's like, like I said, I had to stop, I had to re I had to scrap the game.

I had to like restart from the beginning cause once I understood how to play, I was too far gone. I only had one ship and no money to make any more ships, so I was done. You know what I mean? Cause it costs money. It's like, it costs Tillium to make no shit, real world money, that kind of shit. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Uh, no, none of that garbage. Um, it's a resource called Tillium and you get it just by like winning missions and ending turns, stuff like that. And I had, I had one really bad frigate left and I, I was in a campaign mission where I had to fight like 10 ships. I just couldn't do it. You know what I mean? It was, it was bad. Uh, so I scrapped the game. I restarted and not so much better. I have like, I'm doing much better, but it's difficult, man. It's really difficult and it's fun to have that again, like a a game where you're like, Oh man, this is hard. And like, it makes you think you're not just like shooting aimlessly or just like, yeah, I love it. Um, I'm really into it.

They worked out, I brought in the plane. I would play. I started playing on the plane and playing it. Like, am I actually a fun fact? Had to leave at like 4:00 AM on that Monday to get to for this flight. We had like a 6:00 AM flight. It was terrible. Um, and I realized when I got to the airport, I forgot my switch. Oh God, no. I almost did. I almost did. I almost bought a switch light, but I was like, I'm not spending $200 on this right now. I don't need it. I had this switch. I had Mallory, uh, overnight view. I switched to Montana. Goodness. Hey, it was 50 bucks. So either pay 50 bucks and have it overnighted. Oregon spent 200 bucks on an on a thing I already own. You know what I mean? It worked out. You did the right thing?

I think so. I think so. I missed it on the flight there but like whatever. I had some comics I read but it was, it's because this game's already existed. It's been out since 2017 but they just poured it to the switch. Um, and it's a good port. I actually, I kind of want to buy it on my computer cause I feel like it'll be so much smoother with a mouse and keyboard, which I mean, you know, a lot of things are aren't they? But um, it's great. I bring on the subway. I just like playing on the subway now on my way to work and stuff. Like you know, it's like I just, and it's funny cause like you see people in the subway playing like either like street fighter or like dragon ball dragon mostly, whatever the new one is. And you're always like, Oh man, what's up my switch? I fight them right now. But no one's ever going to be like, Hey, you would have challenged Battlestar Galactica. You're like, I'm going to get smoked. I dunno. That sounds, sounds interesting. I don't know. It's dope. I like RTSs and I'm just curious about what that would be like for me. I don't know. So maybe if there's ever another sale again on trial, try it out. Yeah, I mean it's 30 right now. I'm sure. Like in like maybe like I would say probably listen to your, it'd be even cheaper. Like no one's going to be buying this game. It's already a two year old game seem to be three.

Oh, okay. Well there you go. Um, I like, I like difficult things, but as, as always, there's too many games. I already don't have enough time to do what I want to do, so I don't know. Maybe I'll it, I'll give it a go, you know, cause there's, there's definitely been some days where I have not been working as much as I'd like to be camera, so maybe I'll just bring it [inaudible] switching me. I don't like, I don't like to do that if I can avoid it. But yes, that might be the goal in what, you know, I'll do something and you know, at least do tabletop mode. That'd be fun. Yeah. What else you've been playing or are looking forward to? I know my, uh, I know you talked briefly about, at least in our text message, Shane, about, um, Pokemon Soren shield coming out soon.

Yeah. And I haven't made a decision yet on which, when I'm down pre-ordering I'm going, I'm definitely pre-ordering. Yeah. I think it just depends. They haven't released, I mean maybe they have since like a week or so ago. Uh, they haven't released which exclusives Pokemon are on each, uh, one, which they always do. Like, you know, some will have this, some will not have the IRT, someone will have this and then you trade your friends shit like that. I just want to see what has, what to determine. Like what's the one I go for? Um, like for instance when they did like, you know, let's go pick a shoe and let's go Eve, let's go pick at you had a soother and let's go. Evie had, um, like whatever. You know what I mean? So, uh, I came in for that. It's also, no one's really talking about it because the switch is a handheld system, but this is the first Pokemon that's on a a console and it's like it's the first Pokemon that's being put on a console and like yeah, granted you can take the switch with you.

It can be portable, but it's still like it is still a desktop console. So like, I don't know. I think that's really cool and I think that's like not really being talked about as much and I've been asking for this since I was a kid. I mean like when I first put my Pokemon Mike my game cartridge into my in 64 controller for Pokemon stadium, that will be the biggest deal for me. It was so cool. I forgot about that game. Oh my God. If they, if they redid poke on my stadium, I would die. I would die that if any, they should do that now that this, this Pokemon will be on a console like they should put them. I say them was quite frankly, I think one of the best incidents for games that ever came out, they did so good with in Capitola like making this like a stadium effect deal.

Like you have like the announcer, like, you know what I mean? Like it was all just so good. It was the best. Um, but yeah, I'll most likely go for shield only because I assume everyone will get soared, so I'll have plenty of people to trade with. You know what I mean? Like I feel like soar just sounds more exciting. Like no one wants to be a shield or wants to be a sword. I don't know. We'll see. Some of my classmates are getting it, so I'm going to wait to see what they do so that we actually guarantee you have people to trade with. Uh, I'm really excited though. I just can't talk enough that it's like this is exciting and this is the, I think this is what the switch was made for, was to do different things and stuff. And, I mean it's already done that it's a portable desktop console, you know, but I'm really excited for that. I'm also, I know it's out already. Uh, and I, I actually, my plan was to get a Link's awakening for the switch, but then I saw that $30 $30 sale on Battlestar, so I got that instead. Uh, but I think since I've had my like switch rejuvenation in the last like week or so, uh, I'll probably next paycheck get, um, Link's awakening.

Yeah. I wanted to try that. I loved the original ones for SNES, but I don't know what the, um, I don't know what they are, how that is,

it's a little buggy right now. People are saying that the game is surprised buggy. But like the title usually doesn't do that. They usually don't have very buggy games. I don't know what, yeah, I don't know what to think. They're like why they would release a game that has buzzy and especially a Zelda port or a title. Um, yeah cause it's, no matter what the game is, no matter what the size of the game is all the, it's like a flagship title from them, you know, like uh, I don't know. Hopefully hopefully it won't be the case. Like you know, it's been out now for like a month I think or so. Right.

I think, I think so. Maybe longer than that. I think it's been maybe like two months maybe. Something like that. Hopefully. I mean, you know, patch. Yeah. I like the art style for it. I thought it was pretty interesting and cool doesn't it? It does look cool and I've been wanting to try it but like you know, I've, I still have ultimate Alliance three that's sitting in my switch. I haven't touched my switch in like a month and a half at this point. So I really should just take it with me and play and do more with it and just to keep going. It gets me off the stark force all the time. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. You don't get y'all straight for us, right? Yeah. Cause I that, I mean we talked about that in our normal podcast or not normal. This is normal podcast we we're talking about that are other podcasts like Strikeforce is kinda like starting, uh, starting to get me a little, like, it feels too much like work and not like fun and that

I think that is easily one of the biggest problems of that game is that it, um, it just requires a lot, right?

Yeah. Just repeat it. If you want to stay competitive, yes, they requires a lot. But like, I don't know, being gonna miss smaller Alliance with it, I don't have to care as much. I kind of want to be in a smaller Alliance to her to completely, you know, maybe we'll talk about this more next weekend, but yeah, I kind of wished that like I wasn't so competitive with it. Yeah, totally. I mean, which is fine cause like I still hit my, my minimums. I still hit my rates, I still hit all this other stuff, but like, you know, just, I don't know.

I mean my rooms are a lot smaller. That's why I'm chill with it. Yeah. You know? Um, but yeah, man, I dunno. I think that the switch is like the perfect thing for like, I just always had my bag. It's just always in my bag. If you ever want to Rob me, you're going to get a switch so you're never just like grabbed my bag when I'm not looking. There you go. You've got to switch out of it. And probably a sneaky jujitsu G you don't, you might not want that though, versus sweaty as shit. Oh, it's so disgusting. Um, but that's why I love the switch, man. It's like guaranteed good games on it. Bring it with you anywhere. You know what I mean? Like [inaudible].

Alright, that sounds, uh,


Sounds pretty rad. Yeah. I'll give it a go with the a maybe poke monster and she'll come on. So maybe whatever you get,

I'll get the opposite, right. Yeah, there you go. That'll work. That trades straight up. I haven't played a Pokemon since the red and blue. Yeah. Well, it's a lot different now, obviously. Um, I actually, it's, I'm actually, uh, we brought that, I remembered, uh, I've been having like a Houston ostalgie cake lately and I wanted it to play the original Pokemons and I found this like emulate like a handheld emulator. Uh, I think it was called like the X N G or something like that. It's like some Chinese one, it looks like, uh, the old, uh, Nintendo DS like the next iteration of game boy. But it has like, dude, it has like PSP games and 64 Pokemon or um, a Nintendo game boys through and they tend to DS. It has all those games emulated on it and it's like 200 bucks. I'm like, mind you, that's another switch, but it has full capability of emulating and 64 PlayStation one PSP, all of the game boys. Uh, I think I might just get it cause I really want to play the old Pokemon. I'm like,

when do you have time to do that? And also, are you going to play it for like 10 minutes? And that's an aha. That's true.

I got 40 minutes every day. That's true. Yeah. That's 40 minutes every day to play games. Well, I'm sorry, that's 80 minutes cause it's there and back. Yeah.

What's, there's more games that I could play. I wish I could play like PlayStation four games mobile.

Okay, well isn't there like that thing that's not very good. It's not good. The veto you're talking about. No, that's a neat, aren't they? Can't you like play games mobily or something? Then you say there's that feature for PlayStation.

I mean there's the, um, you can do the remote play, but you still need internet connection. Yeah, fair, fair, fair. Yeah. I just meant like, you know, be able to take something with you. I mean, why don't you, I guess is the whole point of this switch. So, Hey, look at that. Hey. Okay. Yeah, indeed. Um, so one thing I'll talk about things that are coming out. I know I kind of jumped the gun a little bit with talking about sword and shield, but I wanted to talk about something that's been recently come out that I'm actually very excited for and had been playing a little bit. Uh, yesterday. I only got maybe a couple of hours into it. Was that the new call of duty modern warfare is out came out Friday. It kind of did like I wasn't planning on buying it whatsoever. I was just kinda like letting it pass by.

But then I was reading reviews of people saying that they love the campaign, that it's dark and gritty and I really enjoyed the modern warfare campaigns or just the regular college duty campaigns and like, you know, ever since black ops and just did a way with the campaign, I was like, Ugh, whatever. I'm not not going to buy one. But then just seeing everybody say how much they really enjoyed the campaign, I was like, you know what? All right, I'll give it a go. I'll, I will take my 50 character sharps or Marvel Strikeforce and not buy that. And I'll go into call of duty and I'll give it a go. And you know, cause I enjoyed the multiplayer a little bit. I'm not really much of a call of duty multiplayer guy, but I enjoy some aspect of it. So I'll give it a go.

So I loaded up my body yesterday, I just bought the base package, it's like 60 bucks, whatever. And I said, you know, okay, I'll play it, blah blah blah. And I have to say, man, the campaign is dark and gritty and it makes me, now that I've worked on, um, FBI for the past three or four months. Yeah. Like there's a, there's a section where you're clearing a house and like you're tight quarters. Yeah. And it's like, it's just straight up like, okay, you're breaching clear, breaching clear, breaching Clair for like three floors of the house and it, dude, it's like, it's hard not playing on the hardest difficulty level, but I'm playing on enough, a veteran I think, which is like, there's one more after that. It's like, I forget what it is, but I'm playing on veteran, which is like kinda like, you know, you get shot two, three times.

You're, that's a, that's a, that's the thing. But that's like, that's what I like. I liked playing on that. Yeah. Little realistic. Oh, that's what it was. The hardest. It's called realistic. So call it realistic. It's called realistic. So since you get shot once, twice. That's it. Yeah. That's pretty cool. But, so I've been playing, I've been playing that yesterday I played, uh, I probably, I think I've done like maybe six or seven missions that campaign's not very long. It's like six to eight hours. Sure. But it's like a need for a game like that. Yeah. And I think so, cause it gets you enough to get to care about the characters, to care about what's going on. But like, it's just the, the way the design, the campaign levels and I'm curious to try and multiplayer as well, but the fact that, how they design the campaign levels of just having just pure chaos happening, but it's not just like, you know, go down this hallway.

There's a bunch of bad guys. You go down this hallway as a bunch of bad guys. It's just like, there's one very early on in the game where I, so it's not in too much of a spoiler where it's like LA, like there's a terrorist attack in London and you're like part of the one crew. They're going out, uh, or you know, you're just trying to take you, like, you see the guys go by, you in the car, you're like, shit, shit, shit. That's them. That's them. And like you get out and like you don't get, you don't get the chance to, um, the save the day. So like the terrorist tech goes off and now you have to deal with, you know, what's happening with everything else. And so now you're in this middle of fingers, like you have, like, they're primarily in front of you, but like, they're coming at you from all sides.

You can't tell who's a civilian and who's like a terrorist God. And it's just like, you're, you're just like, if you shoot a civilian, like it's game over. Like it's, they say you can't do it. So like, you have to be very careful with how you shoot. Um, and you have like, just a pistol equip because you weren't, you weren't prepared to, uh, tackle a terrorist attack, that kind of thing. It's just, it just interesting. And how they, they're playing this one. It's not like, uh, you feel powerful. You find kind of feel helpless. Sure. In this situation, which I think is a very interesting perspective from a college UT games cause those, those games kind of glorify war and glorify, you know, how bad ass it is to kind of be a Marine who's doing all this stuff. But it's really, so far it's been very like, I feel terrified.

Sure. Playing is this like you're going into ERC Estann uh, in these situations where you're helping the freedom fighters like help out with their, you know, their revolution and whatnot as a member of the CIA and you're like, you're just kinda like, well, I'm overwhelmed. Like I don't know how to get through this. And like, you're one person against like all these other people and like, you don't win a lot. And the storyline is that sense of, well, you don't really, you're overwhelmed. You don't have like this you have to do like, I mean, there's some stealth stuff into it as well, but I liked the fact that they're, yeah. And I liked that they're pushing this kind of, um, like you, it's not glorious, glorious at all. It's dirty. It's like you're, you're crawling around. Like there's a, there's a section where these guys come around and you're like, you're in like this, uh, this room full of dead bodies and like all of a sudden you have to be prone and, and like pull a dead body over you to survive because yeah, it's intense. It's intense. Like it's, I feel like the modern warfare franchise, if you call it a franchise or whatever, not the call of duty friendships, but I like that those games have always been like, these have had these Oh shit moments and they're just very good in terms of that storytelling just because it feels so real and so current in today's day and age. So I know I was never married U of M

halo three, I was the first three halos when I was younger. I weren't necessarily, I wasn't into them as much. Have you played them? It's really easy to play them with friends. Especially like, I feel like the first halo is first three halos worth like the game that you split screen with your buddy. Like, like that was it, you know. Um, but I was always just like, man, this is too, I feel too much like I've a fricking like a superhero, you know, like it's like, it's almost, it's so it's too much. And then halo three ODS T came out where you played as ODS T which is just like, there were like special honor Enes and you died fast. Your your bullets. Like everything was like not the same. And I was like, Oh man, this feels so much better cause this feels so much more real great.

I'm playing a scifi game in space by the aliens. But like when they did what EST it was like, it was in the same vein. It wasn't like you were just a grunt, you were getting the shit kicked out of you. And I loved, I loved that. And then I did halo reach afterwards where you were a Spartan again, but you were just facing overwhelming odds and you were always losing your whole, your whole team was dying. And I think those two games really made halo so much better. And it's interesting to hear the call, like that call of duty, having that different like a different tone. Cause you're man, like I forgot the one call of duty, but it was like, uh, when the, when the Russians invaded America have modern warfare too. I think that's my word too. And it's just like, what are we going to Russia?

It's like tomorrow son. It's like, Oh my God is also ridiculous. Right. And I'm sure this probably has ridiculous elements, but that's what I was like kind of pushed me away from call of duty. It was just real ridiculous. Right. I feel like it was, you're right, I get over-glorified bore and shit, but it's war game. I felt like on one hand you gotta. Um, but that's actually, that's kind of interesting. I was interested, I'm not going to buy the game just cause like, like first person shooters aren't really like my, my life anymore. You know what I mean? Uh, but like when they showed soap in the trailer, which I assumed that was so, uh, which I'm confused about because I thought that character died forever ago. I don't really remember the story that much. I don't remember it much either. Right. And I was like, Oh, this is kinda interesting. Um, if there was a sale, I'll probably get it just cause I haven't played call of duty in so long.

Yeah. Well that's the thing is like there's not many sales for Activision. Like what's it's called [inaudible] they make so much money all the time. They, they, they rarely go on sale and if they go on sale, it's like three years later. Right. That's the, that's part of the reason why I just like, you know what, I'll just pick it up now because it's not going to go on sale anytime soon. It's going to be 60 bucks. I might as well just pay the $60 now and just enjoy it and talk about it on the podcast research and uh, go from there and see what happens with it. And you know, yeah, I know. It's just, uh, but I just wanna I want to try it out and you know, I'll play it. I'll try it play remotely when I'm, um, you know, when I have time, when I'm in Brooklyn and whatever, I'll play the single player. But uh, yeah, it's just, you know, it's just, I don't know. I, I would recommend like if you have, if you're on the fence about it, if you'd like call of duty for the multiplayer aspect. I mean I haven't tried the multiplayer on this yet, so I don't know what it's like. I mean I tried the like little free weekend that they had. I was like, I'm not really, you know, it's more of the same. Amazing.

It's, and it always will be, but like that's fine. You know, like the first call of duty Marta with the first amount of warfare was like I probably don't work the hours and amount of warfare multiplayer than I did any game ever. Cause I would just be over at my buddy's place like every night and we would just go buck wild on modern warfare multiplayer man.

Yeah. I did the same like cause it's just at that time it was something different and it just, it set the tone for what multiplayer would be and they took the chance on it, you know, with like all the different aspects of the customization with it, which is what I was looking forward to because black ops just kind of didn't really have do that for me. I really enjoyed it. I thought it would, but I actually kind of enjoyed more of the, I think I was one of the few people who actually liked the battle Royale in black ops. So sure. Actually, I don't know if they, if they're doing a battle Royale with a Monome weren't for it, but I would like, I don't know. Um, well I guess one on of the few people that would do it. So. Yeah. Uh, but yeah, it's just, um, yeah, if you're on the fence about it, I say get it.

And if you like the campaigns for call of duty whatsoever, I would say get it because it's different man. Like, I always like battlefield campaigns because I was felt like they were kind of gritty and like more realistic and have that more of a, um, you know, a bigger platoon. Yeah. Uh, gameplay and you kind of feel like you're more of a squad. This feels like you're just in it with like, you're in the shit and it just feels, it feels, I know, I was telling my, I was, my dad's in town and I was, he was watching me play yesterday and he's like, this is giving me, like, this is stressing me out, watching, watching new play this. I'm just like, yeah, I'm fine. How do you think I feel? I'm the one controlling, so for sure. But yeah, I, it's, it's, it's pretty great. So cool. That's good. I was trying to get it better. Be good. Yeah. Better be good for that, for it. But I just, I was pleasantly surprised. I was not expecting to like the story as much as I, as I do, so,

Oh, I'm worthy. I bet. I bet you they probably cared more just because the last, well, the last one didn't have story right?

Correct. Well, the last one was Trey arch and this is infinity ward. I believe so I could be wrong.

Yeah. Oh right, right. That's right. I wish we had different studios that do them. Yeah. I mean that's all that really works. Whenever here infinity ward is the O G one that for my worker, right? Yeah, that's right. Yeah.


Shit. Hell yeah. Fun game. Fun to play games, right? Yeah, exactly. So speaking of playing games, uh, for different apps to, uh, well first off there they imported it to the PC. Finally, what you remember when the game first came out there was [inaudible] they're putting a PC to bring a PC soon. Oh, I can't wait in a year later. Here we are. No, you know, I would've bought it. I would've, I would've bought it on PC. I just don't want a PC. I was excited. You know, like I just, I have no, I haven't even played written word redemption to man. I haven't even played it at all. I, I feel like I missed the train on caring about it. You know what I mean?

Yeah. But also I'm what I'm most excited for. So I think I'm going to pick it up, but I don't think I'm gonna pick it up anytime soon. I might wait for like a holiday sale. Sure. Is. Right now it's on sale for 50% off on PlayStation on consoles. So I don't know why. Yeah. But I don't know why I would spend the full, you know, $60 on a game that's been out for a year that I own on console that I haven't finished exactly. But the mainly just because it takes like a hundred hours to fucking finish that game. What? I'm not doing it. Yeah. So I'll, I'll wait for a sale and I'll pick it up mainly because, well actually they're doing two things. Well if you pre-ordered, you get a free copy of grand theft auto, San Andreas, I believe. I'm like old as hell from PSDO.

Yeah, but they've changed it slightly and they like, they redo it. I don't know. Maybe that same Oh grant. That's auto man. Yeah. You get something for free if you preorder it like a, like an older version of a grant. That though, I don't think it's grants granted thought of five. Maybe it might be, I don't remember it either way. So I'm curious about the modding aspect of the red dead redemption. Two currently modding for it. There is a company which is called, um, what do they call themselves? There's was like, um, for uh, for mod I believe is what they called themselves, who modern it was like was the first people to do like these crazy mods for grants. I thought, Oh, now they're doing, um, red ma, uh, red modern I think is what they're interesting. It's called now, or at least a modest called that for grant that or for red dead redemption.

So I, I'm intrigued by the modding aspect. I never really got big into modeling, but I know that's like the biggest draws of plan PC. So mainly because there's a, I mean I'm, I'm giving it a go because there's a, a VR game that I'm very much looking forward to it called sword and sorcery that has a star Wars mod. We play as like with lightsabers and shits. I'm curious about that, but there is, so with that, the modding I think is going to be very interesting. So I have probably, we'll wait until that has been out for a bit and then play it on my beefy computer, which I use for editing and everything. But I don't really use for gaming but I don't know, I'm just gonna wait, I'm gonna wait til it's like on a sale. 20 bucks. Maybe I'll pick it up cause I still have to finish it and like I don't want to like read, play the campaign of the same shit that I've already done when I haven't even finished the game.

And I know someday cross saving will exist on everything. Yeah, that'd be great. I mean if the cross save and I just like load up, you know, save my shit to the cloud or like import my PS for save across and bringing in like I think I saw like I played, um, I played the campaign, I got like maybe like 60 hours into it or something like that. And then they, sure. And then I got busy cause you know, too many games, real life, all that shit. And then they came out with red dead online and I tried that for like maybe 10, 15 hours and I was like, uh, okay. I just don't care about this enough. Now online time riding around in a horse and I can't fast travel. It's like I don't really use it, but no thing that to me, I'm curious to see.

I think it'd be visually amazing with what the way computers can push everything. I think it's probably going to be one of the most totally visually telling games on PC to be completely honest. So might be a good game to stream on PC with moms. I think so. I mean you look at when we had BK on, you know, he was, he was playing RP server with grants. I've thought of five. Imagine doing an RP with uh, you know, red dead redemption. That'd be awesome. Absolutely. It's like you're a pig farmer. Exactly. I'll be a pig farmer selling some bacon. Oh yeah. Bring her some big again or not bringing, getting rid of the bacon. And I guess bring home the bacon, the option to bring in the big end. Yeah. Yeah. That's cool. Yeah. So you know, with that release and that, I think that's, um, when does that come out? Comes out soon, right? I think it's next month, November that they come out with that game. I had it queued up on my web browser and I can't find it at the moment, so I don't know where is specifically, Oh, here we go. It is coming out.

Doesn't say

November 27th. Yes. Nope. That's, hold on. That's, I'm looking at the timeline for it. Last year, so that was November 27th is when it came out.


for red dead redemption. The beta for the thing. But uh, I don't know where it says, it says, I dunno, it's coming out in November sometime. I think it's towards the end of November, but we'll see what happens when it comes out.


Apparently there's a big, some big content that dropped last month, but I don't really care about.

Yeah. But,

but it will be available on the rock stars, new game launcher as well as on the Epic game store. Oh yeah. And then if you want to buy it on steam, which you probably will be able to, it will come out in a month later. So

womp womp. But yeah,

it's a, it's unfortunate is when that comes out. So it comes, let's see, man, it's slow. They're still pushing it full like $80. If you want the ultimate edition for everything right now. But Jesus man, yeah, for PC. But it's going to be, it's going to be insane I think, but I don't see where it says where it's comes out. You can select a free game. You can check a, let's see. What does it say when it comes out? I don't know.

I'm looking for right now. This is funny cause at this point I would've given up. That's the problem I have with stuff like this. It's, if I don't have the insert, I mean why isn't the answer immediately there? You know what I mean?

Yeah. Well they, they, they announced it and I'm just trying to see what it said. Um, said, why don't I just people just put it in their headline, like literally just still get the click seriously.

Oh boy.

November 5th. Thank you. Finally. Thank you. PC gamer for actually putting it in your headline. Oh my God. What a nightmare. Trying to fucking find that. That's hilarious. Anyways, so, uh, yeah, so those are the two big announcements of games that are coming out in this, uh, next month I would say between, you know, for a dip redemption to come to PC and then also has Pokemon short sword and shield. Uh, there's a couple of other games that are coming out also, which I'm also looking forward to. Which one is with Jedi fallen order. Oh yeah. She's off on the 15th, which I have pre-ordered. I'm very excited for it, but that was also like, you know, I, I'm still playing through borderlands three. I'm almost done. The cam, the, the storyline on that. So I was like, do I really want to play call of duty? And I was like, yeah, that's probably six, eight hours. Yes,

exactly. Exactly. The campaign. So short multiplayer can be whenever you want it to be, if you want to play it or not, you know, I'll probably still play it and I'll probably get my trophies for it. But exactly. You got when you gotta you gotta get your trophies.

Yeah. But man, I have to say that I'm looking forward to playing Jeff fallen odor. A lot of people who've gotten some hands on experience cause there was like an event last month or this month earlier, a couple of weeks ago maybe where they added, they asked some like, you know, uh, reviewers and people who do stuff more than us. Yeah. Go and talk about video games. They got a chance to play their, um, you know, like three hours of the campaign and whatnot. And everyone has walked away from it. Very excited about it. And I'm very well, it gives me hope that it's actually gonna be very good. Um, a lot of people said it's very akin to dark souls. Cool. Which I'm, which I'm hoping, right. With interesting. Yeah. Different, but the thing is that somebody compared it more to secure. Oh. And I was just like, [inaudible]

no, don't do that. No, don't do that. Because we all know how I feel about security, I think. And I think that's how everyone feels. And if you don't know, fuck security. Yeah. Secure sex. Right. What is that? It sucks, but it sucks. I just hate it. Yeah. I don't blame you. It just, it's too much. It definitely too much,

but either way, it's not be a good, there'll be a good good month for video games if you're, if you're looking forward to some stuff. And there's also something else coming out too. And I've, you know, I really should do more research before we start recording really is what it comes down to is, um, Oh, I don't know why I didn't think about those either. The outer worlds is come out the newest game from [inaudible].

Yeah. Yeah. Uh, Bethesda actually after this talk about it on roads and,

well, technically it's, it's being, um, it's upsetting and entertainment, not Bethesda,

right? I mean, we're just going to talk about fall 76, obviously. Oh man, I can't wait. Yeah, we'll talk about that and we'll talk in the new stuff. Either's new stuff to talk about.

Yeah. But it's, you know, it's a, it's a essentially it's like a oblivion style game that takes place in space. I would say, you know, or I would say it's more like um, a different version of like a mass effect or anything like that. Just cause there's a lot of like games or not. Again, a lot of a lot of conversation you can have in a lot of stuff is a dialogue based. So it has taken some time to push through. JT picked it up cause he and I were texting about it and I asked him how it was and he said it's just a lot of dialogue stuff and it's hard to get through cause he doesn't, he doesn't have a lot of time right now cause I think he, I don't know if he's on tour right now but he's um, he was really excited for that game and these instance played.

So I'll have to get his thoughts on it and then see what he has to say with regards to the game. Um, I, that's, this is also another game that I'll probably pick up and play, but when it goes on sale, just cause I just don't have fucking time to do anything. But uh, there's a lot of stuff going on with it. Like it's very much like a fallout style game in the, um, you know, set in space and, and surprisingly, um, you know, cause it's made by obsidian who they did fall on new Vegas and um, they're saying a lot of people saying that it's like there's hardly any bugs, which is really surprising in today's day. Yeah. So we'll see. We'll see how it plays out. We'll see what the reviews say. But like right now in IGN it has eight and a half percent.

So it takes that for what it is. Numbers is playing it. That's all he's playing now. That's it. Okay. Yeah, he loves it. Yeah. I mean it looks cool. The trail looks, looks rad. And I'll put that, put the trailer in the, I'm in the show notes below if anybody wants to take a look at it, if they don't know anything about it. But like I feel like that was also kind of under the radar, just kind of came out. But I mean it looks cool. It's just not for, I still, I still have time to sit and play like a a hundred hour campaign. Um, right now. But it looks rad man. The game, like, just looking at this real quick. Um, it just looks pretty. Yeah, it looks very much like fallout new Vegas button space. Yup. But one day I'll be able to have time to play it, maybe, uh, over Christmas break or I'll have other games to play. Maybe I'll wait until after I'm done on FBI and then I'll really sit down and play some other games I've been meaning to play and go from there.

Uh, so moving to Bethesda talk and fall out 76, first off. Oh boy. I thought that game was dead. Uh, but you know, I don't know if you saw [inaudible] are coming out with that package. Like, I forgot how much it is a month, but it's like a monthly package to get like private servers and all this other crap that isn't worth it. And everyone's really mad at them. But all that beside all of the sneaky trying to make an extra buck off a dead game aside. Did you see fall out first.com? Did you hear about this? I did, yeah. Oh my God. So if you weren't familiar, uh, they didn't, um, something about fall. I don't know why fall out first would be, I don't know. Is that, I think, I think that's what they're called. They call, is that what they're calling the monthly thing?

Yeah. Okay. So it is, so they're calling it, they're calling this description of offers. They didn't get the domain. So someone on four Chan, God fall offers.com and they made a troll site obviously. Uh, he just would've read with this, this person, whoever it is out there, this unsung hero, uh, put as when you, when you lit a fall, offers private road scrap boxes and more coming spelled C U M M obviously does fall at 76 with a fallout. Fuck you first. Ever since fall at 76 launched, we have consistently done nothing to improve and evolve the experience based on your shitty feedback. That's why we're excited to launch. Fall out. Fuck you first. A premium ass. Oh my God. If you're going to ask bounty membership, that offers something dumb ass players I've been asking for since before launch private worlds for you and select idiot friends. So we decided to put it behind a pay wall in addition to this huge feature fall. Fuck you first also includes a host of pointless items and bonuses. All the which you can find on my, Oh God, let me and the best part, uh, is available as screw you right now. Oh my God. Like this. Whoever made this held zero punches went in with what? Everyone. Yeah. Cause I didn't play the game. I know you played it.

I played the beta and I w it was OK. Uh, and that, and it just, it was super buggy. It just felt like a cash grab and I was like 100%. I love the fall on series 100% is um, I love the fallout series and I thought it was very, I just like, I was not okay with it and I was like, you know what, I'm just going to wait for this to go on sale. Like I don't know if I even spent $5 on it to be completely honest. It just felt, it just felt like a cash guy and I was just like not okay with it. So I was like, all right, whatever. I'm just going to, I don't know if it comes out for free, like one of the PlayStation free games for the month. I mean, you know, I'll probably download it just for the trophy aspect of it, you know, just to get, try to get trophies because the trophies seem very attainable and very, you know, it's, it's not, it doesn't seem as difficult as it may seem, but, you know, do this,

the IGN video fall at $7,600 a year subscription services, a joke and the headline to follow first and more like fall out. Worst worst dude. IGN IGN usually is a little like diplomatic with stuff they held, they held open, you know what I mean? So Rob Edessa gets shit straight.

Yeah. It's unfortunate. Uh, cause they, they could have had something awesome and they decided to

huge. That should have been huge. That should have been huge rifle or fallout MMO like was essentially was right. I mean,

that's what they tried to have, but like, you know, they just didn't have man just to blew it son. Yeah. Blew it. Terrible.

Um, and then other cool news moving on from that is, uh, Microsoft out here spending Buku bucks. And if you haven't heard about this yet, uh, mixer officially has shrouded streaming on their server or on their site now and at first I was confused like, man, why is Microsoft spent in making these seven easily seven figure deals between Ninja and trout? Arguably, you know, Ninja being the most popular streamer in the shrub, probably be in the next most popular streamer in terms of like FPS and battle rails. Right. And then it dawned on me, both Ninja and shroud were at one point huge halo players. Yeah. Ninja making his name off being pro MLG halo player, right. Next year, halo six halo infinite comes out. It makes so much sense. Then Microsoft once two huge good competitive halo players to play their flagship game on their flagship streaming service.

Makes sense. Oh my God. Makes so much sense. And I was like, man, I get wanting to like make your streaming service big. Uh, I would take a lot to really to truly arrival Twitch at this point just Twitch has the international scene alongside the domestic whereas I feel like it makes her probably just doesn't have that yet, which maybe it will next year with this. Um, but then it dawned on me that halo halo infinite comes out next year and I guarantee you they're gonna probably try to buff up the competitive scene again and it, and it makes sense to do that via your own platform, right? I mean absolutely. I mean I would, yeah, I'm, I'm interested to see how that, how that fan, I'm interested to see how mixer fans out in general, cause I feel like they really are trying to match, right.

Twitch. I just feel like Twitch has more going for it and it's kind of already solidified itself. But that's the nice thing is that this shit can evolve. We're so still, we're still so young and like streaming and wig watching e-sports and stuff like that. For all we know, like there can be a third thing that comes out soon. You know, like that's big that that rivals, you know, they have like Facebook gaming, but I don't know if I ever would do Facebook game now at this point. I mean I could have, I think YouTube could have done it. I really do. I just think they didn't want to, they didn't want to invest in it and I get it. They already got their thing, you know? Yeah. But I'm curious to see what happens once stadia comes out or you know, if stadia comes out at this point.

Yeah. Th the thing, the only thing I hear that's not the best about, um, mixer is that I don't think that mixer, whenever they call them partners, whatever, I don't think they get ad revenue from commercials playing on their stream. Oh yeah. They added that with, uh, with Twitch recently. Yeah. And well, well partner is always, I'm almost sure partners always got ad revenue from commercials, but now affiliates can get ad revenue on Twitch. Oh yeah. We, we now have the option, you could run a a 32nd 62nd, two minute commercial if you want. It's on your, your dashboard, your Twitch dashboard, you can, you can click run commercial. All right, that's good to know. Yeah. The other day I had on 10 people and I was like, Hey, do you guys mind if I try this? And like, yeah. And I did it and they're like, never do that again.

Uh, that was really funny. It was that, it was literally, yeah, that was fine. Just I'll do it again. Yeah. Uh, V-Ray, it's funny but I don't know. I think it makes her just has a ways to go to do that. But I mean it's funny cause apparently now, you know, Ninja has more viewers than he did when he was like leaving at the end of his Twitch career. But he was also kind of, I feel like Twitch flame was fan like was dying out a little bit on or ninjas Twitch flame was dying out a little bit towards the end there. Um, but apparently he has a lot of years. I'm curious. Let's rock a shroud has always been someone that people love. He's like the people's champ. I love people like shroud. He's not like, he doesn't have like a a ridiculous bit.

He just a good player and just plays the game and it's cool to talk to talks to people, whatever, um, crazy that he went to shout or I went to a mixer. Crazy. That must have been so much money cause yet, you know, there are probably paying them to pay halo, you know what I mean? When it comes they, I mean they should, they should be paying again. They have to like I, they, I guarantee you they probably have a contract now, whatever, like year two year, whatever it is, Strada Ninja playing on mixer and then when halo comes out, a contract to play halo for a certain amount of time, you know what I mean? Like is that crazy? That's crazy to think about.

Yeah, I definitely, it's crazy man. Maybe we should also watch the mixer and see what happens. I mean you can also hop on the halo bandwagon if you really want to, since you're an X box player.

The only thing about mixer is like you, they just don't have the, um, they don't have the, uh, what's it called? The, the Amazon, uh, deal there. And that's the thing is like, you get that with, with Twitch, you have the Amazon prime deal, but if, if, if it, if it doesn't matter if people are still doing this and like, I guess Luke here, like, you know,

yeah. Well literally I'm watching, let's see, there's nobody watching a Marvel strike force right now. So you could be the only, we could be the only people doing this on, on mixer. So there's, is there even a Marvel straight forest, there's a Mark or Marvel strike force thing. Let's see. There's one person playing it, uh, and it says that he's offline. So I don't know. We'll see. Uh, maybe I'll start switching. I mean, I don't really have that many people following me on Twitch anymore, but maybe like, I'll switch to that. I mean, I have a mixer account that I was doing a re streams to when I was playing, uh, Fortnite back in the day. But I do like their hype train. The hype train is pretty cool. So I saw that. What does that even mean? So essentially what that is is it's all wave four if you watch the hype train and they might've changed this.

So I, you know, you can ask me if you want, if I've gotten this wrong. So the, the hype train was a way, if you're viewing that channel though, hype train channel so that the channel will go through and we'll, if you say you're watching like Fortnite or whatever, it has a way of determining where people are at the end of the match. So if it's like if it's a close fight or like you're in the top five and you're at the end circle, like the hype train goes between different channels that people who are at that moment like kind of, you know about the win, especially if you're like, you're a somebody who is not a big streamer and it's not like you're like kind of smaller whenever, like you have like, you know, a thousand people will know who's watching the channel allow. All of a sudden he's watching your channel and they can follow you, subscribe or whatever.

So it gives an interesting way of being able to have a lot of viewers or smaller channels or have somebody who's new, the uh, you know, give it, give them a chance to grow or get bigger or whatever. If they have the skill set in order, which gives us right now like, you know, on Twitch, like you just have to be lucky or market yourself or to something totally which is, which is that, so like if you have this skillset of being good, then that's all, that's a one way that they do. So that might have changed since then and it's not forever game. I think they have a program for certain types of games like fortnight's definitely in their realm. Royale was a big thing with that as well when I was playing it. Um, but still like, you know, mixers and mixers doing, uh, doing okay.

Right now there's like, I mean, they don't have like the numbers Twitch has, like right now they're top top game right now is modern warfare with six, 6,000 people watching. Sure. But like, you know, and then it's um, uh, music. They have a music thing. All right. Whatever the 6,000 for call of duty, 5,000 for music, 4,900 for Fort night and Paladins is 2,600 people are watching 1500 on the outer worlds. Um, then there's a web show smites uh, apex legend, battle Royale, I'm sorry, pub G and a bunch of other shit. So I know it's kinda like a, if you want, if you're just starting out and you're kind of like being a thing, you know that it's the, the, the trick is like if you're a small streamer, like you can get lost in the ways on, on Twitch and whatnot. But like, if you want to kind of build a following, a good way to do that is find something that's not, that hasn't really started yet on its service.

Like mixer or Facebook gaming or whatever is out now. Totally. And, and make your market that way. It's like, you know, you want to be a big fish in a little pond as opposed to a little fish in a big pond. Yup. No, that's really what it comes down to. But I don't know. I might go back to it. I know lady Deseret, uh, switched to mixer and has had some good success with it. It's just a matter of like, do I really want to start over? Which I personally don't care because I don't do it for, I do it for the entertainment value, not necessarily the, um, you know, trying to be rich and famous off of it. Yeah, totally. Um, the only thing that's kind of a bummer is Lisa, at least on PlayStation, I can't stream directly to mixture yet from PlayStation. Like I have to have my computer, my PlayStation plugged into my computer, but you know, it's fine. But then I'm sitting at my computer playing a game as opposed to sitting at my, on my screen and planting again.


uh, well, yeah. So the trial going to mixer, big news, he usually is, he's from mixer. Kinda kind of excited to maybe what made that, I think what no Ninja going to mixer was, was big for mixer, but at the same time it's like, I wasn't like, Oh, alright, I guess I'll give mixture a try. But now it's shroud going to mixer. I like trout a lot. So maybe I'll give it a go. Totally. 100% thanks. Make sure you've now just now just, uh, pushed me to maybe try out your services yet again.


Anyway. Uh, what are you playing right now outside of the, of the, the uh, Battlestar Galactica game.

Oh, I also download, it was $10. Uh, another, another thing I messed up on my trip was I downloaded, uh, the Warcraft two battle chest to play on my work computer, which is a Mac. And I, uh, spent $10 in this cute little, uh, battle chest and turns out it's PC only and it's like once I got home I played it. So, uh, work craft too. I've been playing work. I have to and I don't know, I just had the kick kicker RTS lately. That Battlestar kinda kicked off. Um, terrible game. Really bad game. Just in case you're wondering. It doesn't hold up still. It's fun to play for histology purposes. Uh, does not hold up though. It does not. All right, well that's good to know. Yeah. So if you, if you fuck with 10 bucks, you can go on and go, Oh, but tonight though, this is currently a Sunday on Tuesday, you can watch the stream tonight. I will be streaming playing Friday the 13th with a bunch of my classmates. Uh, so I'm really excited to do that cause serving. All my classmates are just really into, it's free to play right now for our games with gold. Um, so interesting to see how bad I do cause I'm, I'm going to just get smoked. They all play every weekend. Uh, LIS had a download world war Z and I'm gonna try that too. I think later.

That was a lot of fun. I got that. So shout out to a game. Fly for this. But like I started, um, you know, I've been a GameFly member I think for eight, eight months or so at this point. Yeah. I like just being able to put things in my queue and things will come to me and I'll see what, what happens with it. But like I, I had, uh, I had world war Z in there and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Like I played it for probably like three weeks straight. I know we didn't really talk about it, but like, I'm, um, I almost contemplated buying it, but it's one of those games that I know that they'll have a sale towards the holiday for like 15 bucks or something. Right. It has a multiplayer only, but like, it wasn't, it felt fun and like people are still playing it and it has like a good community around it.

And I thought it was really entertaining. So I really enjoyed it. And right now, currently I have, uh, plagues tail innocence, which I am, I'm looking forward to playing once I, once I finished the campaign for a modern warfare, three or much modern warfare. And then I also have, funny enough, I have ghost recon, breakpoint coming to me from game fly. So wait, what was that? That was the one that got the really shitty reviews from, um, it's the new ghost recon that paid a pay to win for freemium. Yeah. Freemium freemium. But even though it's still $60 game, you still have to pay for like all this shit that comes with it. So I was like, all right. I mean I'll put it in my queue and see what happens. And just funny enough that it's been out for like two weeks and it's like, I normally don't get any of the new games that come to me, but we'll see.

You know, this is all coming out now. So it'd be, yeah, for sure. I'll try it out for science and see what happens. Science, gamer science, let's see what the people see what people say, but I'm looking forward to playing. I'll play stale in a sense. And then going on, continuing on with, uh, all the other games. I want to play key. You got gun. It is a nice cue. And I think what I have a, I don't want to think, I think outer wilds is going to, isn't my cue now as well, but we'll see once that all, well not all happened without a world. Not to be considered. Was it at a worlds is the one that's now or out of wilds at a world's got damaged so many things. All right. Whatever auto world is what I have in my queue currently.

Well there's two. Yeah. Since say a student for games that are wilds and outer worlds.

Yes. It's just, it's man. So difficult to keep track of. Yup. Well, you know, you do what you can play what you can. That's the beauty of that video games. There'll be there tomorrow when you wake up. You know what I mean? Yeah, it's true. They will be there forever and keep on. So, but yeah, I'll report back with that and tell you how I feel about it in like two weeks, three weeks, a month, whatever it is that we have. Whenever we're talking about ms you mean? Yeah. I don't remember it. I get confused myself now. Well I feel like it's you and I haven't talked in like a month because we had chef [inaudible] long last time, so yeah, we haven't, yeah, we haven't had a normal podcasts episode together and no, I haven't just been you and me. It's always been a guest or MSF strike force or blah blah blah, you know? Yeah. I've had like nine cups of coffee this morning, so if you could tell them and talking a lot, talking about, I gotta go unload a cup of coffee and the second if you catch my drift, God, it's mature podcast. Yes, that's fine. All right. Should we just wrap it up so that we can go take a shit rapid?

We're professionals, but yes, we should. All right. Anyway, uh, before we go, anything else that, uh, you're looking forward to or anything like that coming out in the next month or so outside of the stuff we've talked about? Uh, no. All I gotta say is, uh, I want to be the very best, like no one ever was. Well, I'm excited to hear what you have to say about the Pokemon sword and shield, what you think of whether or not I should buy it. You should buy it. No, but I think it's like I'm not big that big on Pokemon like you are. It'd be fun regardless. All right, fine. All right. Maybe I will now I'll spend my off stuff from MSF and I'll do some Pokemon said. What? What are you doing? I, you know, I clicked nimble pins. I don't know if you've ever done this.

I clicked enamel pins. I don't know what that is. A name we'll pin pins like, Oh yes, yes. And yesterday we were at a street fair in Chinatown and I found a, uh, a fat peek at you. Ah, that's amazing. Isn't that dope? All right, cool. I like that a lot. Yeah, I like it. Let's say I go there. All right. Okay. It thank you all for tuning into this episode of the overachievers gaming podcast. You can find us on Instagram at O G. dot. Podcast. Our Twitter is over-achievers P R website is being overachiever.com where you can get this episode and every other episodes where we talk about, you know, what we love about food, some tech news and sometimes gaming with regards to video games, Marvel, strike force and a, you know, every now and then we have guests on and then we'd just talk to each other cause that's what we do anyway.

Uh, if you want leave us a review, we are going to start doing some more giveaways stuff. We're going to start, um, doing that. You'll be seeing us more active on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram regarding all that stuff. Cause we're going to start doing some more giveaways and like, you know, within Marvel strike force as well as like some iTunes giveaways and maybe some gift certificates to game fly or some other stuff. If we can get King fire to sponsor us intense intent and we'll, we'll go from there and see what we can do. But uh, yeah, so anyway, check us out there and you know, leave us a review. You can use us. You can use the hashtag ask OGP on Instagram or Twitter, I guess, and we'll get that, sent it down to a spreadsheet. And if you have any questions for us, we can go from there. If you want us to talk about anything of what we think about stuff, all the stories, sort of fun thing. Heck yeah. Anyway, thank you guys for, uh, coming out and, and we'll talk to you guys next time. I'm not doing a post show cause I've got people here and we've got to go by