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MSF Insider 8: Mr Sinister is broken w/ ValleyFlyin [transcript]

what's up everybody? Welcome back to another overachievers gaming podcast episode of MSF insider. Just the ones MSF and center eight. I can't believe we're at eight already.

It's kind of crazy when you think about these as like every time we get to a new one it's like the same feeling, but we're going to be at like 200 if I can only write 200 in my right because you know what I mean?

I'm happy to get to like 50 at this point. We'll be good to go. Uh, anyway, this week we have Valley flying with us to talk some craziness that's happening with all the new update with Marvel strike force, uh, Valley. How's it going man? It is going good. How are you guys doing? Doing well. Thanks for coming back and being a part of the podcast yet again.

Oh, thank you for inviting me. I had a fun little under the weather this time, so my voice is a little weird, but a fully here and ready to go as is. This is fun. I love this

still. It's still smooth. Don't worry. Yeah, you can find us on Instagram at O G. dot. Podcast twitter@overachieversprwebsiteisbeingoverachiever.com where you can get this episode and every episode and of us talking about video games, what we love about them, what we hate about them. Maybe some fashion, maybe some men grooming's advice but mainly video games is what we talked about. You said it doesn't have a mustache. Yeah, exactly. That's what brought it up to me. So but uh yeah so you can find Valley streaming on Twitch that T V slash Valley flying. Right.

A valid find 76 for some reason that normal Valley flag was taken.

Yeah cause you, you're, you've been streaming now a little bit. I've I've noticed and I think actually I did a little gift subscription to casino and you are one of the uh, ones that came through cause you were just like offline cause it randomizes people. It was kind of funny I saw that happen. So now you have a tier one subscription to casino so you can go enjoy the emotes and he has

awesome. Awesome. You're off the streaming on YouTube at the same time, right. Doing a little restraint. Yeah. Sometimes I, sometimes I assigned with cast on Twitch and YouTube. Sometimes I just go Twitch because I'm not sure how it messes with the algorithms. So sometimes I just do Twitch.

Yeah, they're not, they don't, they don't like that they they get kinda angry at the restream stuff.

Yeah. I think the, uh, I think it's the, that you could do algorithm takes into account the total watch times when it's like a four hour stream and people only watch an hour. It's a, it doesn't do good for the rest of the videos. So I try to limit it on YouTube a little bit. Sure. That's fair. But your, your regular YouTube where you do most of your content is where youtube.com backslash Valley flying.

Awesome. So all galley very much appreciate you coming back on the pod and talking to some stuff. We've got a lot to unpack this week,

two weeks. This, this, this was a very, very big week. Just this week alone.

Yeah. This week was not something I had to get into it

new like a new update and the image was like, Oh, that's new character. That's a new character. That's a new character. You don't know

a lot of new characters this week, but we'll do a quick recap of the past two weeks. So we a few different blitzes. So we'll go with the aim security blitz, the Deadpool blips and currently we're in the Killmonger blitz and let you know they'll have like the red star and premiums later on today since we're recording this on a Sunday, we had the champions rate ending, which I was actually very happy about those rewards with the, you know, between the, uh, you know, uh, Legion of COBOL and pencil Hawk and we were actually able to 100% that rate, uh, quite a few times, so pushed us to do that. A alpha S for his starting and the controversial ultimate seven has made its way into our lives this past week. And I don't want to spend too much time on that because I really want to dive into that later on because that has been no bueno for us at least.

But it's a, I'm, I'm excited to unpack that in a, and talk more about that. But the main thing for this one is a, we have a slew of new character announcements and also a bunch of rework to some old characters. So we'll go with the reworks first and then we'll get into the excitement for the new characters so that there's a couple, there's five characters that were reworked given the marauders tag and the supernatural tag a with a mystic and CBRE tooth being [inaudible], sorry, mystique and tooth, getting the marauders tag and a Scarlet, which Mordo dr strange, getting these supernatural tag in them, their kids getting slightly tweaked to, you know, be a little bit better for a supernatural, um, thing with Elsa and Bloodstone and also ghostwriter, which were, uh, announced a little bit. We talked a little bit about that last time, but anyway, uh, what do you guys think about these new characters that are coming out? Especially the craziness that is mr sinister that just got announced. He's, I feel like he's going to be a new Ultron type character.

You think it's crazy. I was, I, you know, I'm excited for all of these. I was just really hoping it would be dr doom. Now I'm, I'm cool with waiting, whatever, but I just really want doctor, especially after the fantastic four stuff. Uh, but I'm excited. I'm actually reading ghost writer right now, so it's kind of the perfect time that, uh, they, they, and that's it. It's like obviously no, no relation. Like there's not like anything special with ghost writers happening. Um, so just cause the spooky Halloween, October. Well, no, there's actually a T to real quick. There's a new, there's not a new, but there's a new kind of new new line called a cosmic ghost rider destroys the Marvel universe. It's an alternate timeline. Ghost writer comes back to, yeah, it's crazy. So I'm reading that right now, but I'm excited. Goes right. It's really cool characters. I'm excited to see them. Uh, excited to see him in the game. And I heard he was like pretty Opie too, right? I mean

his is pretty strong. I just, um, unlocked him last night actually. And he's fun and even as low level, like he's only three stars right now, but his kid synergizes well with that mystic team, uh, that suits the, the, the supernatural team I guess right now. Yeah. Cause a, and I'm put in, uh, for those of you guys that don't know, the supernatural team is a dr strange mortal Scarlet witch ghost, and it's supposed to be Elsa Bloodstone, but she's out yet. So I'm using loci in a place right now. So that team's working pretty good. And just with his passive alone, he's really helping out that team. You know, his damage is pretty crappy at three stars when everybody else's at seven stars controller, he is a brawler. So he's supposed to be the damaged guy with the pastor that makes him sit around. Uh, all right.

So he grants on death. He grants to ability, energy to all supernatural allies. So because he's the weakest person on that team, he should be dying the rest of that team. Uh, when a non summon ally dies, he's going to attack the enemy that killed that. A target for a 300% damage is where I'm at now, but it ramps up and uh, so that move right there is not that great at three stars because his damage is pretty bad. But Oh, when a negative effect is applied to an ally, he's going to up the speed bar of all the supernatural allies and he's going to add health and he's got ad focused at the oldest supernatural allies as well. So cool. Just with that, he's a pretty good addition to the team even though his damages pretty bad,

that team needed some love with it, I think so. I said that's cool to see. They got a lot of those a lot, right? Yeah. My, my supernatural team are not great. I have not worked on dr strange or Scarlet light light whatsoever.

They're really missing a place in the, as far as having a team right now without the supernatural team. So it's good to give them that place that they're really missing.

Yeah. Got it. I don't, my only problem, like I don't really care if they ever deviate from comic stuff for this game cause it's like a different universe, you know, whatever. But man, Scarlett, which is easily one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe, and to see her so fucking whack and as a healer is like such a bummer because dude, I just need to say it. There was a line called the house of M and scar that which literally like shut off the universe and changed everything. Like she got rid of like three quarters of the mutants in the world, easily one of the Sean's characters and she just so fucking whack in this game. It's like, come on.

Oh six. She, I gotta say I like, I like using her. She's fun. Um, you got to use her on the right team though, because that opening move where she extends those buffs, if you, if you already have a lot of D buffs, um, she, she makes, she makes it very hard to do anything. If, if, uh, she does that to you. Sure. Fair. Like I accidentally went against a, a, a, a supernatural, not accidentally, but I went against them to kind of test it out. I got wiped out so bad and, uh, all those deep buffs on there and it's Scarlet, which is extended. It is, it was horrible. Yeah. She's, she's very niche. I, I'll give you that. You gotta you gotta use her in the right team. You gotta plug her in and then, and then she's good.

Fair. Yeah. Yeah. I'm excited to see how she synergized with everything else. Cause the only person who she said in his drives before with was vision, but vision goes on power armor. So she,

I mean it's not listed, but her synergy with Marto is really, really good as well. Uh, because Mordo I was using her with Marto initially. She'll, uh, mortal, we'll put the blinds on the enemy to extend those blinds. So it's a two turn line pretty much. So her synergy with mortal was already really strong and now it's, even now it's even better.

Is that a good counter to aim then since Amos throwing somebody bus on themselves?

No, no, no, no. Any, anybody that don't put a lot of DeVos on aim is in trouble. So Brotherhood's bad.

Amen. Amen. Right. They want the bus. That's my bed. Yeah. You want the DebOps and man, I have to say I've been, I in the past, I guess month Sims AME rework has been announced with a, with a Gravatar and all that stuff. I have put a hard stop on everything else and I've been leveling up aim and never thought I'd say that. But is that hilarious? It's just, it's been ridiculous dude. Like I've lost so many fights in war or attack due to aim. Like they like I'm over compensating by like a hundred K and still losing fights. It's ridiculous. You want to know the secret for that? Yeah. Save your defenders for orphans and take out, aim with your defenders. Get outta here.

That's offenders work so well against him.

And what's interesting too is um, one thing that the uh, what's it called, um, shield actually does very well against them because they're fast so they can actually go through and take out. You're hitting like so many first person appearance. If you take out scientist Supreme or whatever their healer is or gravity time, like it's pretty easy at that point. Like it's not like I'm not going against the strongest teams as you, but I found that brawlers work because my captain America and Mike Gomorrah who both have high red stars are hitting them first immediately. So I'm almost a hundred percent taking out someone big beforehand with me because I obviously am using brothers for offense cause that my captain Merrick has five red stars and make a Mora is captain Marvel captain Marvel. I keep saying that's America. Thank you. Uh, am I Gomorrah is four red stars, but uh, six, six stars total.

So like they're hitting so hard right off the bat, but like again, like I'm still, they're still so much lower so it's like a whole different ball game. But um, I love that. [inaudible] I it on [inaudible] they're fun. They're fun. I didn't have Demora on it at first and then I just recently got her up so many stars. I was like, Oh yeah, she's, she's going on. Yeah, she's good for brawlers. I use her for brawlers as well, just to keep it, you know, just have someone else on there, but I'm going to have to redo a bunch of new teams I want and want, not just to see what happens. Yeah, for sure too. You know, with all these new characters coming out and like new with a, you know, strife and mr sinister, well, how are they getting announced and Hela and putting them on new teams and whatnot. I'm actually kind of excited to start breaking up some teams and make it a little bit more insurance. I mean, that's that and like, you know, I do get it, there's a lot of complaints that they going back, like to talk about the new teams. There's a lot of complaints like on, obviously you read it, which there's always complaints, but about there being too many characters too fast and blah, blah, blah. And it's like,

well we, it doesn't matter how fast it comes, we need more characters. Like we need to change in the meta changes in the game. It makes it more fun. It like reinvigorates it, you know? And it's like no one's making you, no one's forcing you to upgrade all these characters this the day they come out, you know what I mean? Take your time. And I get it. I'm inpatient, I get a new character like I'm going to unlock. I finally get Magneto when, uh, uh, his event starts in like a day or two, whatever it is, I'm finally get Magneto and it's like, yeah, I've been saving for him. Like I, I'm like, I'm going to upgrade the shit out of him immediately cause I really want him, you know, I'm like, right, brotherhood is so whack without him, but like, you know, if you know what character is coming out that you like, if you want to say afforded dope, if not, whatever, do take your time. Like, we're still playing a game on our phone, you know what I mean? So it'll be, it'll be okay if the world isn't over, we want more characters. We don't want, like if, if we do, that's something we do definitely need more of or a change in them.

That was that was, that was that, that would be more resources. Oh, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. I'm like, I'm fine with like a lot of people on Reddit haven't been complaining about that now we don't need them anymore. Characters. We don't have enough resources. It's like, no, we should ask for more characters because that makes the game fun. We should just agree on request for the a,

they weren't doing this many character drops. This game would be dead. Yeah, like we, it would, it would, it would die 100%

well, well let me propose the, the flip side of that, because I've experienced that in star Wars galaxy of heroes where they would announce maybe one character every two or three months way back in the day. That was horrible. So I'd much rather have this problem with too many characters into little couches. This is a good character. This is a good problem to have

time to upgrade that you will or you will have the ability to upgrade it. It is so much better to be stuck with too many characters that you, that you are going to upgrade at some point than to not have it like did not have anything. You know what I mean?

Yeah. But that's kind of the point of their business model to give you so much to choose from that you've got to make a choice or you've got to spend to get everything, you know. So that's kind of how it is. Right? A win or you know, pay to enjoy it I guess. Suppose however you want, it's the collector game. They want you to finish your collection and you're not supposed to finish your collection unless you spend a lot of money. It's like MMOs. It's the same shit interestingly. And so what do you guys think about that? Well we talked a little bit about ghost rider. What do you guys think about strife and mr sinister and Elsa, we don't really know too much about Elsa cause obviously her actually funny enough is there is not a announcement for when her campaign starts, but on a different Marvel website.

It said that her and I are, her campaign starts on October 26 so that'll be Thursday if anyone paying attention. That's funny. So by the time this podcast comes out, you can all find her campaigns starting two days later on Thursday the 26th so woo be cool. I'm actually looking forward to that. I like, I like when they add new campaigns. I think the writing in the campaigns is hilarious and fun and I really think that's, that's something that I personally really enjoy as a storyteller. Oh yeah. The campaigns are fun. Yeah. And uh, and I'm looking forward to actually being able to unlock her without having to drop a ton of money cause I've stopped really spending money in the game. So that's what I'm looking forward to. At the same with ghost writer, I haven't unlocked, I know a bunch of people will pay to unlock him, but I'm just going by as much as I can with the blitz with the character blitzes, with the Jack lantern, opening the orders, trying to get him [inaudible] without having to open my wallet to see it. And so far, I'm like two thirds of the way there. So we'll see. I'm at like 67 charts or something like that. I went, I went pretty hard on blitz and I unlocked him without spending, I've put a lot of time auto in this blitz. Yeah.

So that's kind of how it is. You gotta either spend a lot or play a lot and have fun playing. So even if it's looking at these teams, you know, they do physical character. So I'm really excited to see her. I know nothing about her outside of, she's in Marvel ultimate Alliance three, so she's like a zombie Hunter. She's kind of like Helsing of the, of the marvels, like a female van Helsing from Marvel that alright, she chose undead characters,

but there is this, there is this event, um, called, um, it doesn't matter, but essentially dr strange tries to bring back Las Vegas from the dead cause hydrated destroys it. It's really cool. And myth Vista like pops in the town. He was like, Oh, you trying to bring all these people back from the dead? Like you can't get that past me. And so there's like a supernatural team with like Wong, Elsa blade, a ghost writer, and like, like someone else said, Oh man, a man thing. And they go into Vegas. Yeah, man thing. He's like a swamp thing kind of. It's this man and I think it's been long than it wrong. He's like this big swampy creature. He's really cool and they're going to Vegas and beat up Sophisto obviously she's a part of that team. It's like the [inaudible] is like, it's like the B team of just like supernatural fighter. She's cool though. She's, she's just, she's just a badass. Like [inaudible] it's like, it's always funny when you meet, um, a character in like a comic or a supernatural world that isn't like super powered. They're does fuck their school.

Yeah. What it is is it's just like the punishers. You just have those shotguns and no superpowers of the supernatural world. Yeah. She's British. So she's got super powers automatically. Exactly. Yeah. Knock people out with that accent. [inaudible] but circling back around, what do you guys think of the, the, the new additions to the game with, uh, hella strife and Micala doke. Hello? And are you guys calling the undeadS guardian Greg? Yes. 100%. Okay. I wasn't sure, but yeah, Greg. Oh my goodness. They look so strong. Black grandparents may have a field with Greg.

No. Okay. You, are you familiar with their kit? No, not at all. Okay. So, so what happens, uh, when she is, uh, spawned, she will some in Gregg, the undead as guardian and whenever, whenever Greg dies, she'll summit Greg again and if she's, and if he was used on word defense anytime, any non [inaudible] as guardian. So Loki and Thor, whenever they die, she'll someone, another Greg it multiple times who just keep coming back to life until she's dead. So

we only have three Asgardians right now. Right. We just have a Loki Thor and hello.

Great loci thorn. Helis well, Loki and Thor. Yeah. Not here yet, but apparently they're coming in November. Do you know the rumors? Characters? No. Heindel and I don't know who the other ones, y'all SIF are the rumored characters. And here's this person that gave the rumors, have his, had very accurate predictions before and has missed on some before. So could do with a grain of salt. But that is the rumors right now.

Surprisingly. I'll do Valkyrie before SIF. Dockery has more play in the world right now, but whatever. I like SIF. SIF is cool. I don't know who that is. So sip is like Thor's like booty call kindda. Oh, okay. Sorry. SIF was in the first door movie there. The female? Yeah. Oh, okay. But on Natalie Portman league in the second movie, she's the one that gets all jealous and Natalie Portman being there and shit. Uh, yeah. Uh, but she's, she definitely cool. She has a cool part in more the realms which is happening right now. I've got to stop talking about the comics. Um, well that's the interesting part because that's where I learned more about the backstory of the comics. Either, listen, I throw this plugin, I wish we were sponsored by them. I thought this plug in every time to get Marvel unlimited, it's like 60, it's like 70 bucks a year. You can read every single Marvel comic up until the last six months. So like that's crazy. It is honestly the best deal that ever exists. So if you want to be comics, you should read that because that's interesting

because I used to collect comics as a kid and I got a bunch of them at my parents house. But I don't think I've read,

well the cool thing about this game is that like it brings, it brings a lot of people together that probably aren't in the comics or aren't into Marvel or anything cause it's just fun and there's a lot of characters and like, you know, we see these movies, but like if you have the chance, like these comics are art are so good, even the bad ones are good and all they do is just keep getting better cooler stories. And you know, we have like nearly a century of comics, uh, a two tier disposal if you, if you so choose to like check him out. Like seriously since, I dunno the submariner was what in the forties or something? I don't know. Like the first marvels. Yeah. He wasn't. So like if your first go back to like that long ago to read comics but hellish should be dope fun fact though. Everyone cause the movies. Ella thinks things a hell is the word lowkey sister. But in the comics

hell is actually Lokeys daughter. Fun fact. Oh yeah, that is, that is a big chase. That's what makes sure that the rest of her kid is good as well. Yeah. It's not just that Greg part. Yeah. I like the clear DBA or a clear death proof on a whenever the AOEs, which is great.

Yeah. The other thing she does with that same move, she's going to spread the negative effects from one target to everybody. Oh my goodness. Like venom. Carnage is basic but better.

Yeah. Crazy. I'm looking, I'm looking forward to that. I'm saving some more red stars I think for her. I think she's going to be ridiculous when she comes out and it's going to be available. So I think I might, yeah, try my best to get her unlocked a little bit because she's going to be going to be good for war defense I think because I think she has a little bit of a, a perk in her passive for war defense as well.

Both of these teams, this our scout eons and the marauders are a build for, they have key things in their kit for warp defense. So type a mechanics coming.

Yeah, it's be, I mean, interesting work stuff, but I just wish that they would have more versatility in all the game modes for characters.

Yeah. So one thing, one thing that was mentioned was making all of these bonuses, like the word defense of war officer rates available just for the blitz mode. And that wouldn't kind of break the modes as I put out a poll on YouTube and the responses has been pretty good and I'm gonna reach out to Jason Bender and tell them about it and hopefully there's something that they could add because, uh, you know, you can do your four defects, you don't get to experience all of the benefits and all the coolness that that character does, you know, so it's kind of a wasted, I'm not a word defense team, so you're like, Oh, I got more wins, but I don't really get to see all these cool mechanics. But if something like that was added to maybe a blitz mode across the board, it wouldn't really, um, change the competitive integrity of that of blitz because everybody would be affected. So I would be in favor or something.

Would you guys, teams are, are good enough that they could survive in blitz even like power armor so strong obviously fit as far as so strong with name were even in there. But yeah, I think that would be dope, dude. That'd be awesome. I would love that. Yeah. Just, yeah, it would be kind of rad. It'd be, I'd be curious to see how that works out. And I think it's a good spot, especially like if you don't have care, like if you just have these characters on locked or like throw like 30 level, 30, like 10,000 power, it'd be good to at least see how they work, you know. But it'd be curious. Well, uh, I will definitely be rooting for you talking to [inaudible] about that and I think, Oh, I don't know if it's going to do anything, but I'll definitely talk to, give us a little push for the Envoy program while you're there too. Cause we're trying to get them Oh, mentioned have you messaged anybody about that? I've talked, I've, I've emailed 'em a Cerebro but I haven't heard anything back. So I got a whole lot of uh, newer clients that do with the,

the Italian kid curses too much. Yeah, sorry bud.

Either. Either way. It's, it's, it's, it's um, you know, we're, we're keeping on keeping on whether or not we get it cause we enjoy this game and enjoy talking about it either way. But the uh, yeah, so going on, what do you think about Stripe and adding that Marauder tag and having, uh, you know, mystique and sabertooth as a part of that, that team?

I actually, I don't, I don't know. That's where my comic knowledge, I'd known not much about X-Men world or like the world of X men. So I don't nothing about the marauders or what they are. So

some are I know a little bit

because like, yeah, they don't wait to tags with marauders.

Uh, those are the only two characters right now that are getting they tagged. So the saber tooth was in the marauders mystique was in the marauders, a gambit was in the marauders briefly. Um, so I was like, Oh, maybe this means gambits coming into the game. I don't know. But, uh, strife was not a Marotta is, is like a group formed by mr center. So a lot of the characters, I don't know the names of off the top of my head, you're kind of your characters, but Sabretooth was in there, you know, pretty big character scene with mystique. So, um, interesting as strife is like a clone of cable and he's technically not a Marauder but they gave me the tag. I just, just kind of for some synergy in the games. So, um, it could be interesting who they, who they give a the final piece of that team that tagged for, you know, cause if you'll get someone in that reaction will Rotter squad or someone outside like strife.

Yeah, no, and I was just thinking about now like looking up Wikipedia just real quick just to see what's going on is I wish that in the game if you were to click on someone's profile, did they just gave you like a little bit of backstory of how they, you know, where they come from, all that kind of stuff. Just like maybe a paragraph

it'll say like, Oh, a controller based blah blah blah. Yeah. Yeah.

It would be nice just to have like, Hey, here's a little bit of like a backstory of who this person is and where they come from and where they are in the MCU gaming world or whatever, or the NGO. So that would be, yeah, just a little blurb for each character would be kind of cool. It just gives you a little bit of reason to, you know, read up, read up about somebody or just understanding where that, cause I have no idea anything about blood, uh, Elsa or mr. sinister or strife or hell. I mean I know hella but like I didn't know anything really about Ghostrider either. So I was like, I don't know anything about this outside of me doing my own research on it. So

that's right. It's a super cool character. Like yeah. Nicholas cage movies should not be in the, Oh God, it's so bad too. Have you seen the Nicholas cage gross writer? I have when he's, when he first, when he first like goes like hell fire like blah, I'm on fire.

Oh so bad fire in my brain. Yeah, go straight to cool. Sorry, I, I totally hear ya. There should, that would be cool if there was a little thing, but like this are there, there's so much like w like there's almost too much you could do. There's not enough room on our, on our phone screen to fit any on any kind of summary. That's the thing that's remembered is um, these characters are constantly going through changes in their universe. Right. So right now, the first ghost rider, uh, was not Robbie Reyes. I think he's the new one. Um, but then like the original ghost rider isn't even the, the current ghostwriter. Yeah. The current gross writer's name is, is Robbie Reyes, right? I think so.

Okay. He's enjoying not Robbie. Robbie raises that ghost rider to, that came into the, the shield show. So I think he's the current one.

Yeah. So like the last one, which I forgot what his name was. Uh, he's currently, he's in charge of hell. Currently ms Vista was out in the end, like Robbie and like the original ghostwriter is Johnny blaze. Blaze. Yes. Johnny boy. That's the one that's in the game. That's the version that's in the game. So like, which if you're making this game right and you have this in your, when to give the character a little summary, who do you put? Do you do the O G do you do what's currently in them? And this is those Johnny blaze one that, I know I get that. But I'm saying though, if you were to add like summaries of the character, how do you, how do you choose I guess, but obviously that's different because that's very specific. We know that Johnny blaze, but like I, I, it'd be very interesting to see how they, and like, you know that there's gonna be some nerd on the sub right at like, well they got this information wrong, but

there's so many people say that already. Well there's brothers, they kind of have their own universe. If you look at it in this game, it's not, it's not totally from the comics, it's not totally from the movies. It's just kind of a mix of many different sources of what is, what

they kind of using totally with their theme in this game for sure. Which is in the a Marvel gaming universe is now a thing. So, I mean in the, in the newest, uh, spider gettin which was an event that just happened out too long ago, they pull out, cause all the spider people from all the multiverse are coming together and in six months, six to fight these, uh, these like demon or this a vampire family, they pull out the Spiderman from the PS four game. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, okay, this is cool. They are recognizing that that is its own universe. You know what I mean? Like Oh that's cool. Yeah. Yeah. I'm PR, I'm all about, I love it. I think it's awesome. You know, kind of cool how they set it up like that. Yeah. There's multi multi-verse universities that they can pull the video game. Yeah. Different storylines. Yeah.

It's continuing back around yet again. Okay. Right. Mr sinister for so long, I know I really want to talk about this. I want to just talk about how broken mr sinister is going to make this game can because

I'm curious to see about what his release is like. But Dom, I don't know if you looked at his, his kit whatsoever. Not at all. And I know I texted you about it so far behind on anything. I'm just happy to be home right now. I've been gone, I've been gone into quotes, informational for you and we get to talk about it. So one of the things that's gonna make him insane is the he his ability to clone somebody from the opposite team and bring them to your team at his fullest status. So, Oh man, I don't know how this is going to work. Like can you imagine if you're fighting an Altron team and mr sinister, we'll start with that with three energy, but then his passive gives you three energy as soon as he takes a turn. And so he can use his clone ability out the gate. Yeah, turn one. And you imagine just cloning and all drawn on your team and then you have multiple trans or keep cloning all trons or however you want to do that. It's gonna be insane, man. I'm telling you why, but yeah.

Oh and the clothes will spawn with 90% of the speed bar filled as what was just eight of mind. Really. All mine. Slowly. We'll see if that stays in or not, but a if that is it, that's crazy. Hopefully, hopefully that day come by.

Even still, I think that like the game has needed like a new mechanic. I think for a while. And I really think this is gonna make some interesting teams and can either, it's either going to break the game and it's going to be just like, who's got the more powerful mr sinister or it's gonna turn into like just, uh, you know, turtling back and forth with a bunch of different stuff, which I think is what they're trying to do with like all the, the word defense tags is they don't want people rushing to full clears. They want it to kind of be more of like an engagement in a fight, which I understand because a, you know, they're, we have in our Alliance, we've, we've run into issues where it's, who can full clear the fastest, but I'm, yeah. And so like, I kinda liked that back and forth with like, Hey, this makes it more interesting.

And you're trying to use characters too, you know, you know, you're not just having one attack clears a room, you know, it's like a one attack can, you know, do some damage and do some stuff. So I'm curious to see what they do with that with mr [inaudible]. But man, Holy crap with him and strife in there because Stripe is going to be the tank on the team for sure. And he like starts with like some deflects and some defense ups and whatnot and he'll have like, he'll increase his taut on each turn and then, um, but just mr sinister in itself is just gonna be broken 100%. It's going to be, I'm just curious what kind of level to make him as he's going to be an Ultron level or if he's going to be the new reward for the new fear of the darkness or, you know, I don't know what they're going to call the next year of the darkness, but just a, yeah.

Fingers. Here's a, here's an interesting thing that, uh, we were talking about. Mr sinister has a relationship with apocalypse. So some people are, Oh, theorizing, maybe apocalypse would be the new dark dimension. Character. Makes sense. Currently right now there's house of which is

the comic series that is saving X men X men has been pretty bad for the last like year or so. And Jonathan Hickman news arguably the best, one of the best comment writers of all time came back to do house of X, which is currently happening. And this industry has a big part in powers of X, one of the side stories. Uh, so it'd be cool if there's an apocalypse stuff cause he's popping right now with, with the new reinvigoration of accident.

Both. I mean mr sinister looks strong enough. Apocalypse definitely be strong enough for a new dark dimension. Both of them. Yeah, seriously. I would, I would

welcome apocalypse [inaudible] w I want to say doctor do, I mean they'd have to be like all Tron level of character.

I think those are the two top names that are being thrown out by the community, uh, apocalypse and dr doom for the new dark dimension.

Totally. Totally. Yeah. Who would you guys want? I want doctor dr doing, she's one of the coolest characters ever created. Like, like, like at one point he was like literally got in for, do you know what I mean? Like dr doom is easily one of the coolest characters ever made it in. Like in comic books. He would, there's like no telling how Oop he could be in this game. You know what I mean?

Yeah. I dunno. I don't know much about dr doom. I didn't read much of fantastic four. I just know him from the little bit of games

a favor. Just read. Um, um, Oh my God. If you can remember, you can text it to me later if you want. I'm going to put on, it's a, it's essentially the event that restarted the Marvel universe. Okay.

That, that, Oh, it's true. I that out later. Yeah. Me personally, I'm really looking forward to, if we get it in the, in the future, I'm sure we will. Is getting Iceman Iceman was my ex men of all time or a, it wasX men and Archangel work. My two favorites. Not growing

both. Oh G X men by the way, that aren't into game yet.

I know I'm, I'm, I'm waiting for that cause that'll be a lot of people like ghost writer. A lot of people liked 'em, you know.

Alright dude.

Yeah, the other characters have come in like Phoenix monster and stuff. But like for me, Iceman and, and Archangel would like to, my favorite skill of growing up with watching that cartoon, playing those games and like, you know, Sega Genesis and NES and all that sort of stuff and just having those, there's a, there's things that they're, and I was like, those are my favorite characters cause I just really like the way they played. So that's what I'm looking for. Jesus Christ. Oh, secret Wars. Oh yeah. Yeah. I've

read it. Reread it again. No, it was the last iteration, which I think was what 2015 were. Dr. Duke [inaudible] power, the beyonders and [inaudible] recreates and merges all the universes in the one battle world. It's honestly one of the coolest comics ever written. Like doom was strong enough to kill Scott Summers when he had the Phoenix force to kill fantasy to kill dr. Strange. Like he just, dr doom was just the most overpowered. Yeah. Dude, Scott Summers walks out of this pod all the way. Phoenix forced up and it's like, you're nothing do and blah, blah, blah. Like I am the Phoenix and doom straight up grabs him by the throat, disintegrates his body. All this. Let's have Scott Summers, spine and skull. Oh, it's so hard. It was so hard. Oh man. Crazy.

Crazy. Well, I don't, I don't think he's going to be that strong if he comes to the game just for

honestly, that was like the, that was the most Opie any character could be, you know what I mean? Uh, but yeah, he's, he just, he, for a normal guy who just had his body messed up, dr doom has somehow created just this like aura of awesome. Right? Like he's the controller. He's the leader of lap area. He like gets, he could like, just give out powers, cosmetic. Like the dude is just, he's bad. I'm excited. I, I want him, I want him bad.

Alright, sorry to keep to keep on this tangent. But the rumor when he came when the fantastic four came out was that he was supposed to kind of replace name or in that fantastic force squat to make them a raid viable team. And then silver surfer was supposed to replace name or make them a [inaudible] dr do for arena and then a silver surfer for rates. So, uh, whether that rumor still happens or not, we'll see that that is the, what was rumored about dark.

Quick question though, is there only specific abilities for teams and characters for reign in war right now? Is there any Blitzer, arena characters? Yeah, there isn't. That's very tag specific. No. Right. Yeah. I'm sure we'll see that at some point. I'm sure.

Yeah, it couldn't, I mean it, it'll definitely, if they're smart about it, they'll make it so that way that happens. But it would make sense to have blitz just give them the ability to, you know, use the same, you know, for sure.

No, they were [inaudible] with blitz being so insane, like tier, anything above tier seven is like, even like, like a tier six is like difficult now I feel like, like, but seven and eight is just, Oh my goodness.

It depends on the teams, depends on the teams. If you get to met a team or a synergized teams is, it's almost impossible to beat. But once in a while you'll find those weird mixed teams and you're like, even even though they have a lot of power, you could wipe them because they're not synergized well, yep. It's rare. It's rare. But they do exist. Those connections. Indeed. So ultimate seven dropped this week. I know it teased it a little bit

and uh, they single-handedly will not, not single handling I suppose, but it's like they did a, uh, a one two punch of, they nerfed the rewards out the gate and also made it exponentially harder than it was when it first came around. So what do you guys think about this? I know our Alliance is pretty in there. We're like the number 120 fifth Alliance with total collection power. And we can barely hit 35% on ultimate, et cetera. It's ridiculous. What do you guys think, how do you guys fairing with ultimate seven with this new difficulty spike and the, uh, what do you think about the kind of shitty rewards they have worked? We're getting 30%. That's like my claim, my clan's doing 30. All right, that's good. That's good. Yeah, I'm happy enough for that. I mean at 30% the rewards are slightly better than ultimate six at 100%.

So it's worth it slightly. Well, I did the, um, I did the math on it. It's actually you need 35% to get the same rewards as ultimate. Seven is when it comes to 35% cut off. Essentially what the cutoff, uh, or to get more rewards for a daily is you have to clear all the way up until the second boss, no. Dot. The clear, this the second boss. Now we have to clear the nodes up into the second Boston in order to surpass ultimate six in terms of grade season points on sort of stuff. So if you can get to that point and continue on, if you can't get to that point, I recommend maybe running it once a week and then running you six daily so that way you can get there. And also, um, you know I'll get your raid season points so you can get your, your, your tier formats and whatnot for your characters.

But I've now we're having this discussion right now cause I'm one of the officer's in my Alliance, we're having this discussion now is do we focus on clearing you seven or getting as far as we can use seven daily or do we continue with you six and I made these suggestions like we should continue with you seven but we should also start focusing more on, we should start requiring people to start focusing more on routine. Cause I have currently three raid teams right now and as much as I really don't want to, I'm going to start working on what condoms, just because I need something to help clear some, you know, even just throw in as like a sacrificial team that I'll take out like three or four characters. And then I can throw something else in. But you know, I have a new a what I'm, I guess people have dubbed it is the best rate team, which is a fantasy invisible woman.

Uh, rocket Star-Lord and Minerva cause that is just, it's just BKT but Oh without, without group, without group because uh, I have a her, I don't have her passive max. I have an ultimate past, uh, ultimate max and her special max. Cause that all starting chief for max. Yeah, the tier four America. So because not all the offense down for two turns on everyone is glitch and you seven I believe. And if the way, if you have it positioned correctly, I have her between Star-Lord and and [inaudible] that, you know, she's just getting energy all the time and then she can just often sound everyone that's just, it's been pretty clutch in alpha for, for me. Okay. And I finally just got her, she's almost here 13, so I'm excited for that. But still rocking five [inaudible] big invisible woman. I'm jealous. Yeah. But I definitely, I like that team lot.

I started experimenting with that in year six and I could just, normally I would have, I could auto you six with a little bit of like, okay I have to step in and do so put that that team, I don't have to even do anything and just thought, Oh it'd be good to go cause it just, you just keep everyone barriers and if you get hit a little bit then you know, whenever someone dies, I'm in urges, auto Hills and whenever they, everybody does so. But I have that, I had defenders team and then I have a hodgepodge, a little bit of a, a Guardian's team that kind of works out well with, um, uh, who else is in there? I can't remember who I have right now, but it's like, you know, the leftovers that I have. So like groups in there. Um, with Gomorrah, no rocket because he's on my other team. But uh, it works out. How's your shield and X-Men? Cause I would recommend building them before your condoms. Yeah, well my shields had 192K so there, okay. The, my Wakandans are 122 Ks and they're not great, butX men are, are actually pretty decent. My X men team is at is one of my, is my second strongest team overall. So I'm excited for the rudeness of beast, which makes him raid viable. So

now if you, if you just want to refresh Phoenix every,

yeah, but like I'm saying to not have to refresh the knife but that's what I'm, I'm, I'm excited for his, you know, or I'm not well excited for just having bees to have a better [inaudible]. But yeah, I'm, I'm, I've been giving it a hard look at what I want to work on for my team and I actually want to ask that for when we do the team advice thing and what you guys think would be a good, a good third or fourth rate team. But we'll can, we can come back to that later. So either way.

Cool. I'm actually liking the difficulty of this. You know, I might be in the minority but is more of a challenge. I think it's more fun than just ongoing ultimate six as well. So great difficulty. I'm fully in favor of the rewards though. They're a little, they're a little bad. I got an zero. So soccer to casino earlier this week about that and he may, he brought up a good point because one day when he did the reward super low like this, it gives them room to increase it and you're like, Oh we weren't calibrated with our rewards. Right. We could always bump the rewards up. Whereas if they give too much rewards, they can't be like, Oh shit, this is going to break the economy. We've got to scale it. So I'm hoping that this just means like, Oh, you know what? We weren't right. We're going to increase the reward, make the community happy. Cause that they did, they did that similarly with the ultimate six when that first came around, the rewards were very, very bad and they ultimately increased it after a couple of weeks or so if I'm remembering correctly. So, um, I'm hoping that's what happens here. Cause other than that, I w w I'm fully in favor of this race. The rewards weren't a little better.

Yeah, I don't mind. The difficulty, the difficulty is not the thing that like makes it tough, but like I feel like if you can reliably 100% use six, no problem, you should be able to at least reliably 30% use seven. And that's kinda like the benchmark. But I know that first time we did it, man, we just, it took some, it took some like refreshes and heals and like I spent a ton of course just trying to get back up to 30% are they now we're like, you know, around 35 to 40%. Um, on the, on the stand on the road reliably we can hit that. But it's just, man, it just makes me realize like, okay, well I guess I gotta start working on and wore off defense teams in war defense teams now. Gonna start working on raid teams again. So there's that. That's great. Can't wait. There goes all my gold yet again. Well that's, that's, that's what Fox news is doing. Yup, that's true. They're causing you to prioritize which moving the goalposts.

Am I right? It's not as bad as what they did before. That's true. You're very, very true. Like, cause they, they said they said that first strike a, this is like a preliminary version. The real one's going to be harder than room. One's going to have less rewards. I was expecting it. I was expecting more readable. Yeah. Yeah. It's good. I'm happy. Yeah. So outside of that, outside of that and just like the craziness that is you seven, uh, what's coming next? So you guys are looking forward to, I know we mentioned it with the new characters coming out with new, other new things happening, you know, Elsa blood stones, uh, events, campaigns happening on Thursday. So that's coming up next. Anything else that's coming out that you guys are looking forward to in the MSF world?

Well, not like, not like things that are specifically new, but obviously I'm really excited to get Magneto finally as like a middle of pure character. That's all I need is coming out. Yeah. Yeah. Like the new, the magnet event in two days. Um, I'm just wants to talk about that. I'm excited just to have Magneto and brother cause brotherhood is just very strong. So I'm excited to get that. But other than that, now everything we talked about is really exciting to me, so I'm stoked. So

yeah, this is a lot in a lot of new content that they added. I'm excited that they started adding a bunch of new content, which is what we need. Although

I can't wait, like I just feel like I seriously woke up to an update and it's like everything is different. Oh

yeah. New background. You like load screens, new characteristics, which are awesome. Oh, totally. Oh, and the team ops work again, I don't know if you noticed the must do where it animates the game that were disabled. Totally forgot all about that. Yeah, something. And so I'll have a fun story about mag Nina. So like I've been sitting on a, I've been sitting on mystique tooth and pyro at seven stars. I've just been waiting to seven star him for the mag Neo events. I'm like, all right, cool. So it came around, I just, I seven start everybody spending a 1.5 million gold or something like that. And then I looked last night after I just finished seven starring mystique cause I was waiting for the, I was waiting for the reset at 8:00 PM Eastern to be able to, you know, manage my gold properly for milestones, for Colson on sort of stuff. And I went and I looked at the Magneto event, it's like, okay cool, I'm ready to go. And I was like, Oh, I forgot I have a seven star Wolverine, a seven star Phoenix, a seven star,

all the little people. I was like, I didn't need to spend all this gold. But you know what though, that's just going to make your brotherhood team that much better. So it's not like it's a total waste. I know it will, it will pay for itself.

Yeah. It was just funny that I was like, Oh man, I gotta get like, I gotta get a saber tooth up, I gotta get mystique up, I gotta get PIRE up. I was like, all right, cool. I'm just gonna, I'm gonna spend this wisely. And I just realized I just needed one person I need to spend on, but Oh well it's fine. It'll be good for the events. And like you said, it's not a, it's not wasted. So as long as you didn't screw up your milestones or, cool. Yeah. I mean I tried to, I tried to do it. Well how are you guys doing for Colton?

For me, I'm walking of slow for me and I feel like I'm like purposely dumping golden shit. Like what am I at? I'm like, I'm kind of bummed by it cause I'm not close to Colson yet. But luckily we had this event going for still like forever, for awhile. I think most people should unlock. Oh better. I met, Oh, I'm at 97 880 that's not so sad. But yeah, that's not so bad. I do have met five red stars, so that'd be funny to get him all that. Man, I hate you so much. I know I'm sitting at 150 out of 180 just from him. Just trying to be, you're almost there.

I'm almost sorry. I probably like another week or two and I'll be able to get him. Although I don't, my shield team's not the greatest, so he'll get leveled. I know you said make it the greatest man. I'm slacking him only a one 26 kicking my butt. Huh? Well we have 'em we, we hit those milestones pretty frequently. I don't know that if you guys hit this,

I've been getting them and getting the world warrior and then the energy ones is the gold ones

really behind with, yeah, that's, that's the difficult milestones and what not to hit. I found, I feel like as I tried to go for like a million or 1.2 million for the milestones because that's where I feel like that's the, I'm, it's crazy that you just,

where, where is your gold coming from? I'm not getting that much cold that day at, so I don't know where people are getting to go. Me and I, I do. I mean I do all their refreshes up to a hundred cores on the energy and I just get, you know, I'm farming for different shows. I just don't get that. I just don't get it.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just getting lucky with gold poles. I don't know. Maybe I haven't. Uh, I haven't hit a 3 million gold pool yet, but I keep, I get like, you know, once a month I'll get a 1 million pool or something like that. So, which is, um, those in the past, I haven't had any recently. That's probably where it is. So, you know, the crane theory,

the crane, I've heard of it. Alright. So I've heard of it. I've heard it mentioned. So here, here's a secret for everyone. I'm going to get honest to say a hot take right now for everyone who's listening. The crane one for me, cause I've heard it before, I've never fully had it explained to you. So the crane theory

is when you're in, you're in. So if you click on the a, you know, if you're, if you're, if you have the gold or open or whatever, um, if you click on it and like if you hit like a, you know, get, when you're looking at there or claim or whatever and you're looking at that screen where you can hit open. So the crane goes around the gold orb and the, the, um, the theory is, and it's worked for me twice so far. The theory is you want to ope, you want to hit open when the crane is closest to you as the player as possible. So what it'll do is it goes, I'm looking at it right now. So essentially it's like, it's swings all the way back and then it swings all the way to the front. That's not when you open it, it swing, it gets closer and then swings, uh, to you one last time before going through. And that's like gives you, I don't know, people, I mean people theorize about it, but you know, it's worked for me twice. I've gotten to 1 million gold poles from it.

Hey, you're going to suffer. If it's a placebo effect, if it works, it works. So I'll try to do it. I'll show it to you right here since I have right here on my iPad. So you'd pull it in there and it's glowing. Actually it's not this side. I see. I see it right there. Right there. Yeah,

they're right there. So essentially is when I would pull. So essentially it's like, girl, I'll wait for it one more time. This is like, if you're not a vision, obviously it's [inaudible].

It's hard to hilarious. Yeah. So anyway, you wouldn't pull it when it swings out here. Not here yet. Right there. So it does like that double tick on the second time. The second time, yeah. Oh, okay. So that's the crane theory. Tinfoil hats on, friends, tinfoil hats fully on for this one. Hey, it makes it, even if it doesn't work, it makes it more fun every time you're your bullying. I'm a 30 year old adult. I still play Pokemon. And every time I throw pickleball, I saw Presby rate as this is about to catch Pokemon, even though I know there's nothing happening there. You know what I mean? So whatever you got to do it, that's what makes the game. You gotta make the game fun. You gotta do it every time. I'm going to do that. Every time I open it. Oh, there you go. Crazy theory. Even if there's no validity behind it, it still makes it more fun to open.

Yeah, it definitely makes it more interesting. So there you go. You're welcome. You're going to enjoy the pool. A couple of 3 million golden works for that and uh, we'll see what happens. Uh, so going forward, we have our love it and hate it segment. I think, uh, Dom and I have given ourselves quite a bit of things to talk about for loving and heating it. So I think we'll just keep this to our guests if you're okay with it. Valley, tell me one thing that you love about the game and one thing you hate about the game.

Oh my goodness. Uh, how specific can we get? However, I, I could, I could, I could give a much better answer for this, but, uh, what do I love? I love, I love playing with the new characters and trying them out the new mechanics and seeing that stuff. Uh, so I'm loving playing with the supernatural team right now. I love the, whenever the newest team comes, I love using that. Yeah. That's cool. Um, what do I hate about this game? The, the sheer amount of time it takes to be competitive, to spend a lot of time in blitz and war and braids. And that'd be the only thing. Yeah. Don't look at your screen on the flip side. Sometimes I enjoy that too, so, right. So yeah, I guess at the time when I don't have it, cause yeah, when you're like trying to do what I know out

with family and friends and you're trying to do exactly this, right? No, hold on again. Yeah. That's the worst. Like we were, we were out last night for dinner with friends and I was trying to, like, I just like, I needed to get my blitzes in so that way I didn't have to like reach into my pocket and play while, while the three hours that we were out. So it was like I need to just to have a little something just, yeah. At the time it takes is, I definitely agree with that. I've, I've looked at my, uh, Screentime report on my Apple and it's not great. So yeah, it's all, it's all fun. It's all marble. Try for it. Yeah, 100%. Yeah. I'm a big Instagram horror, so I'm just constantly on Instagram. It's like metal shape for us and then easily Instagram. Nice. Yeah.

Nice. Definitely a. All right. So how did you guys do this week with red stars? I know Dom, you have an exciting one to talk about. Valerie, how to do well. I saved mine and open them in chunks. I didn't open any in the past couple of weeks. I opened it when Colson came out. I got two red stars and Colson. That's the last time I read open talking about my five minutes are Colson, but I'm going to brag about no. My goal for this week, my first seven star, which it's not like exactly the worst, but it's not the best. I got a seven star Cree cyborg. Ooh. Ooh. He's good. Man. Just a seven star alone. Oh my goodness. That is so I know a seven star, isn't it? Nuts. I know whales that have opened thousands of red star orbs literally and don't have a seven star, so congratulations.

Really cool. Uh, I think it like, do I buff up like CRE? So I put him maybe on some kind of like tech team. I don't know. Like there's some questions involving this character now. You know what I'm saying? So, yeah. I don't know. I don't know what you guys think. He's not the worst team, but I wouldn't recommend it cause you're, you're kind of a mid-game Claire. Yeah. From what I gathered. So I don't know if I'd recommend them so early. Yeah. But once you do unlock Ultron, who works really well with Ultron? Feeding that energy. Cyber does cyber again. He energy to a, I believe it's tech. Yeah. Yeah. Cause [inaudible] so once you get all on, there'll be a good, a brilliant sinners. I'll try and do this. I go far. So eventually he's great. He's so, he just hits, he hits so hard. It's insane. And you can see, pair him with a Cree Nobel and you'll get those assists. It's great. It's cool. It's really, I have a six red star, Cree Nobel and even she has like a truck. Yeah, man. Your guys' rosters, your red SARS are way better than mine. I don't lose any of them, so don't worry about that at that trade off. Yeah, that's true. We talked about last week though, I pulled a six red star King pen, so it's not doing me any good. Nice. Welcome to the club.

So it's so bad. Uh,

we're both crossing our fingers for King kingpin rework. That'd be great. Let me take anything. I'll take just like hits

and characters. Just that the red stars don't really benefit him. He's great because of his kit, not because of his status. Yeah.

Yeah. It just, even if the, the body guards got the stats from him with the red Sox.

Oh, that would be nice. Yeah.

Hopefully. Fingers crossed later on when you talk to vendor, they're here. Just tell them, I'm like, Hey, where are you working for us? Come on. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, he goes, ah, going on with a war results. How are you guys doing with war this week?

Oh, we raked up within like the first, now the start of the week. We lost our first, but we won our second a but yeah, last week we were at slaying it. Oh my God. We were on a roll. But yeah, this week off to one, one, one [inaudible].

Alright. Valerie, how you are two and one this week? I think we are one and two this week. I think we're going to lose the, we lost the one that, no action. Sorry. We lost the first one this week. We won the one year. Yeah, two days ago. And then we are, we're probably going to lose this one that we're currently in. So we're, we've got through less than four hours to go on this one. They're about to full clear us. Um, but uh, you know, we're in, we're filing in gold one, so this won't kick us out of gold one, which is nice. But we ranked up to gold one I think two or three Wars ago. So I kinda like the new war, uh, the league info, you know, it's great. We're, we're, we're silver too.

Um, I love it. The, in just even like now, like you, you're just getting better loot and stuff. I'm a, I'm a fan. I'm a fan.

So much better value for the time that requires than it was before these leaks.

100%. Yeah.

And it makes it, um, like I feel, yeah, I agree with the, the, the time put in feels justified. So especially when you're getting, you know, you're getting more serious about war. I know we're getting sick, more serious about war in our Alliance and totally. Um, some people like just can't keep up. So they're getting replaced and that's the thing. It's like, well, that's not like, it's not personal, it's just business. You know, he just got a, this is what we all want. It's better for the Alliance if you don't want to participate, you're the weakest link at that point. So

yeah, I think that we're about to do some housecleaning. I don't know, actually. No it don't add that in Charlie [inaudible] I know nothing.

No, nothing. All right. Fair enough. Uh, yeah. So anyway, uh, what, can you give us some team advice Valley based on, I'm going to, I'm, I'll throw out one question with this just because you, we kinda hit on it earlier. Some team advice for raids and you seven. I know, like I said, I was thinking about working on Wakandans, but then you said no, you should work on shield and, or [inaudible]

well, here's the thing about what is, what condoms are very good about punching across and punching down. They're not going to be doing that in ultimate seven. They're always going to be punching up and that's not where they do the best. Yeah. Um, let me just look at my saved squads real quick just to, uh,

yeah, I finally got my BKT to 200 K and it's just, Oh, they're so good. They're so good. Well, I mean, my, so the thing I have with the teams now is my BKT, like easily my best team outside of, uh, defender's, but I don't use defenders for anything really, you know? Um, I shouldn't, I'll wait till after this segment to ask about this. Go ahead. Finish [inaudible]

all right. Um, yeah, BKT BKT is probably the best one. Uh, Ultron if you got them. Uh, that kind of makes the team on its own. The team that I use is ultra and mantis Drax dr strange and hand century. And that one actually does really good in the rates as well. Yeah. Basically it's just there to protect Ultron. Characters are there to protect ultra on. Dr. Strange is there to kind of bring him back to life.

Oh my God, what a, what a delirious team. But

that's, that's actually a really good team. It protects doctor strange. This shield does okay. They're not that great. Um,X men awesome for one. No brotherhood is okay in ultimate seven, uh, my vendors, they're kind of a spotter team. Sure. You know, they'll do good, but I, I put, I have captain Marvel on that team as well, so they, they, they got some trickiness there. Right. Power armor is about damage and they don't really have the damage from what I've seen in the rates, what continents, if you said you're gonna use them for a sacrificial team. So if you're doing that, there'll be okay. Yeah, but I wouldn't expect them to kill a few enemies in ultimate seven that just put them to at least two, at least 200. I wouldn't expect them to do too much.

Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to try to get to. Cause I have, I mean I have Shuri at seven stars. I'm inbox. You had seven stars. I have black Panther at seven stars. It's just a clay and a Killmonger that I, I'm lacking on. But I would just like, you know, I just needs maybe something, you know, my defenders is my highest team right now. They're at 272 K for four that, and they tend to like, I'll throw in like if a, I'll throw in like a shield team to help you know, clear some alts and whatnot and maybe do a little bit of damage and help out, you know, sustain a little bit. And then I'll send in my BKT or B R T as I'm calling it. Um, and then I'll go and [inaudible]

they've been like, I've been using them as a like a old bait and also just like a huge AOE and then bring in BKT to like get that rocket all and hopefully finish everyone off and it's been like kind of working, but I can only do it for one note and use seven.

Yeah, that's, that's kind of what I've been experiencing and ultimate seven, the first two nodes, I could go in with my main team and just eat it. After that I gotta throw in other teams and then use my main team because my main team can't. One shot

than notes. Yeah. That man, that, that first boss note is a killer. Especially when they drop down all of the, uh, yup. When they dropped down like, like the last like nine characters all dropping wants and you're just like, they're just taking turns and wiping everyone out. I was like, okay, that's when you can bring inX men kilo. That's a good idea. Maybe I'll try that and we'll see what happens with that. But as you want, you want, you want to bring in your filler teams just so that hopefully could kill some enemies and they'll use their olds and then your big teams could come in and wipe them out. Right. You know, and it might, it might take all five charges for that one. No, it definitely does.

Definitely does. But you know, luckily there's the Boston and it's like you can team up with some people, but I tell you what, the one that really gets me is the one, cause I'm in the center lane, center left is where my lane is and the Ultron minions like or the the, I think the fourth regular node, the top left corner. That is just, they just one shot. Everybody with their basic, it's just insane. I do not like that note whatsoever, but I have to figure out maybe people have gotten some, some teams will not. And maybe I'll have to increase my, I'll try to get my level of maybe like 73 cause I'm currently level 72 right now. And then maybe that'll help with, um, you know, killing these Altron minions, which are like, and you know, cause it's the ultra and minions. It's that it's war machine, iron man, all that stuff.

It's just, it's just brutal. But yeah, they, they specifically picked all those characters for a reason. Yeah. I know. I was like a motherfucker. But anyway. Uh, so Valley, what is your favorite character right now in the game? Favorite single character. Yeah. Um, geez, this is some huge recency bias, but right now a ghost writer, cause I get to test out some new snare, you know, Hey, no, there's no, you can be bias, recency bias, you know. Oh, I love all those. My picks are always going to have a lot of recency bias. Right. It's okay. I totally, I totally am in favor of it. Cool. Awesome. Well Valley, uh, thank you very much for coming back on the [inaudible]

MSF insider podcast and you can find where we quit before we quit. I have one more question. Okay, go ahead. Oh yeah. Hi. First characters on the 50 13. It's Minerva. Whew. Okay, good. I know I'm missing 12 of one item. Where did the hell do you get superior gamma? Cause I'll tell you what, it ain't popping up from you. You've got to be lucky. And you're gonna potluck in the supply store once in a while and once in a while pop up in the rates. Endo Warstler as well. That's the thing about you're 13 and gear 14 is orangy progress and open your a thousand or more orbs. Right. That's what I've been doing. I've been saving up for this and now that they, they, they're starting to give them out like candy now. So it's like with the new, this has been the only thing that's frustrating.

Oh Dom, you need all try and eat Ultron and it's like I'm, I'm, I like to have my first year 13 character. That's what you need ultra on you. Every, you gotta every time you see a superior Nick in the store, right? Just 72,000 a buy it auto cue. What characters were they should do that need all of them. So whenever you see that, buy it, if you see it in a ward store, maybe buy it. But definitely the supply store, uh, spend your gold on all that because they are rare and you're super serious about getting Ultron. When I did it, I refresh that store six times a day. Yeah. So, okay. That's what is that? What does that 200 quarter's every day just to refresh. Yeah. It's silly. But I'd like to, if that's what you're trying to get and I definitely recommend doing that and it took about two months of refreshing the store every day to get the pieces I needed.

So it takes a while. Okay. That was my last thing before we end it. I'm sorry I looked up to take you so much for that because that's a lot of people don't know where they, they come because you might never see them. I've honestly been like, what's going? Yeah, that's, and that's my first character I met. I'm really happy. I'm really proud that she's on this. You're 13 like I, I did all the hair, but [inaudible] all the easy parts though. Note though. The hard part is getting going now. All right. All right dude. Thank you so much. And again, thank you. Uh, Valley of course. And you can find a Valley streaming on YouTube and Twitch on Twitch's twitch.tv/with Valley flying slash 76 [inaudible] 76 yeah, it's, which is the only weird when everything else, all the other social media, everything is Valley fine. And that was a youtube.com/valley flying.

And you've been really ramping up your Instagram lately too, right? Try to try to, I want to, I want to, I got to get more consistent about that. Put a post on this. The hard part is, well that's just screamed. I can flash Valley flying. We'll post a link to that in the show notes below. So if you want to check him out and you can check us out at Instagram or God. Well I just totally botched that out or you can check us out on Instagram at O G. dot. Podcast. Our Twitter is over achievers P our website is being over achiever.com. We can get this episode and every other episode where we talking about video games, fashion, Dom's, mustache, all that fun stuff whenever and whenever we can. So anyway, thank you guys very much, and we'll see you guys next week for our regularly scheduled podcast.