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MSF Insider 9: Dom leaves to go get a cheesesteak w/ FullMetalCOS

Speaker 1: 00:00:13 [inaudible]

Speaker 2: 00:00:13 what's up everyone? Welcome back to the overachievers gaming podcast for the Marvel strike force insider in segments. I am your host VASH AK. Charlie joined as always by my other host cohost. Whatever I'm talking about is Ashley pastrami. Dommy pastrami. How's it going? Dom you miss Javi Amit, this promise and a this week joining us from the wonderful place and the wholesome place that is read old England. They say read it. But yeah, we have full full metal here. Who does all of the, you know all those character intros of like you'd just unlocked the character. What do I do with it? He is here to talk to us this week. How's it going? Middle.

Speaker 3: 00:00:53 Hey guys, how's it going? Thank you so much for having me on. I totally didn't expect to get this far when I started doing these random guides were they're great and I hope I didn't say you're from the UK, but I would hope that people are going to understand the, could hear the accent and guess. Yeah, there was Maxons a bit of a mess because it's, it's hard from like the East side of the UK and half from the West side of the UK. So anybody like listening to this from the UK is going to go, where the hell is he from? That's hilarious.

Speaker 2: 00:01:16 I have like a Baltimore accident with like mixed in with, from living in New York for like nine years. So monster accent of bomber. Yeah, I'm just, yeah, hand in hand. Come on, let's go. I don't have any of that, but it's great. Anyway. Uh, you can find us on Instagram at OJI dot podcast Twitter at overachievers P. our website is being over cheaper.com where you can get this episode and every other episode where we talking about Marvel strike bores, male fashion advice, sometimes computer parts, maybe some video games here and there where we do have different guests on. We talked about video games, what we love about them, what we hate about them, all that fun stuff. And uh, yeah, that's good. Uh, metalwork and people find you if you do anything.

Speaker 3: 00:01:59 Yeah, you can find me on Twitch TV slash full metal to us that you've got to have the C U S on the end. Uh, for the LS it's the same as already using them, but that's really only if you're into a game called blue bull too, which is, uh, like NFL strategy. Again, cross with Lord of the rings. It's very, you know, it's essentially like, you know, imagine playing NFL except one team is all on the other team. National football league. Yeah. American football. Yeah. You're in the UK and you watch American football. Oh, good. Go Vikings. One skull. Wow. This is insane. All right. I'm going to name this podcast right now. I'm having, right. I feel like it's not a thing that you don't watch American football outside of America. That's why everyone makes fun of it so much. It's tough. It's tough because the hours and times always line up badly, but I'm impressed.

Speaker 3: 00:02:49 Okay, cool. I'd love it. Yeah. Check out this game. He taught about w when do you usually stream? Uh, whenever there's a game going on, we're about to hit. We're basically, I run a league, I run a private league for it and we're about hit our playoffs. So over the next couple of weeks you're going to see me a lot. I'm like mesmerized right now. I need to watch this. I'll send you a link. It's, it's essentially, it's a bargain at all times. Cool. Yeah. I'm, I'm in the video game version of a ball game and it's, it just gets more confusing from that.

Speaker 2: 00:03:23 All right. I'm definitely checking. I will put a link in the description below if you want to check that out. Uh, yeah, just you can hit the follow button and hit the turn of the notifications on and you can get notified whenever full metal goes on a screen.

Speaker 3: 00:03:33 Super honest. It makes me laugh because I were based on my leads based on Reddit as well, which is why I'm so active on Reddit with Marvel strike force because I'm on Reddit all the time anyway, and a bunch of people from the MSF disc Reddit follow me, follow I read account and I can just imagine them like seeing a new post score for me and going, Oh, it's a new guide. And then, and then five new posts go up. And it's like, what is this Jim? He's talking about why is it talking about funny did

Speaker 2: 00:04:01 that's, that's amazing. All right. We'll have to definitely check it out. All right, so what's happening in the past two weeks since we last recorded? There's some good stuff going on. Uh, I know that we just discussed about this just literally seconds before we hit record by the Falcon, came to nexus seven dash three I'm very excited about that. My a six red star Falcon is very happy about that.

Speaker 3: 00:04:22 So you got me PIP, dude. I got a five red stuff coin. And as soon as, and it's not just Falcon, it's Falcon and purple spiky balls.

Speaker 2: 00:04:29 Yeah. So I was already farming that stuff anyway, so I'm glad to be doing that. And not, uh, who was their core app? I think it was there before. So it sucks for anybody who's trying to go for that payday event, which actually just happened this week as well. Right. So, uh, yeah, that's great. I'm excited for that and especially since we are, we'll talk about this later with the announcement of the tech wing for you seven. But like now that that's the new meadow essentially for ultimate seven that makes it, uh, having Falcon farmable is very nice and makes it a lot easier for new players and players like us who have been around for a while. I think I just logged in like 590 days or some shit like that. But, uh, yeah, so that happened. Uh, the Elsa campaign is now here, so you can recruit the latest character from the supernatural team, which is, that team is ridiculous.

Speaker 2: 00:05:18 I was telling Don before we started that I faced a, a a supernatural team in blitz with my Ultron team and I got wrecked. I don't even think I was able to take a turn. Everybody just got to run out the court. And so I'm excited to see what happens with that. I'm not going big on, on supernatural and me personally because I just don't have, I have all my resources are going into my shield Colson team right now because I unlocked Coleson, he's at tier 13, level 70. And he's just destroying people and wore defense on them.

Speaker 3: 00:05:49 I literally got called some last night, picked over the things or completely broken or gold though I don't have any money.

Speaker 2: 00:05:57 Yeah, I, I'm in that same boat as well. Like everything is going to, I haven't built shield whatsoever because I uh, you know, as it was building a different team when shield got bumped. So I was like, yeah, it's fine. But like now I'm like shield medic is almost, I have a fury at third tier 13. Colson's a tier 13 shield medical beat, tier 13. Tomorrow I got, I'm waiting on uniques for shield security and shield assault and they'll all be tier 13, a level 71, but I mean you need it for that defense team because man, it's just like the only team that I've ever found to beat shield, uh, Colson is X men in one shot. That's the only team that I've been able to, otherwise you be guaranteed

Speaker 3: 00:06:36 fantastic. Four can do roughly about the same power. Um, and obviously fantastic for a fairly well burst at the moment because, you know, human talk, they're saying he, he's farmable but only in all, so not really. It's, yeah.

Speaker 2: 00:06:53 Yeah. So that was, that was the other thing too with availability updates. Human torch went to all the major orbs, which is great, but also sucks. I wish you were. They, I wish they would honestly just released the new campaigns with the new nexus, whatever. Give us some more characters to farm. Like it's how [inaudible]

Speaker 3: 00:07:07 the local farm Colossus flows. Please.

Speaker 4: 00:07:10 I still don't have classes in a locked, that's how bad that is.

Speaker 3: 00:07:13 I've got, I've got, I've got thanks to the, you know, the pants of hope can lead you to commodity the good in the red box. Yeah. I got Colossus to three stars off the back of that so I can use all three of those red styles and he's like a three star, 44 care power Colossus at the moment. And I'm like, just a few more styles please.

Speaker 4: 00:07:31 Yeah. I mean, I'm 260 days in the game and I still don't have classes that's nearly a year. Locked him with your wallet Dom. Come on now. I refuse. I refuse. There's principles at hand here and I stuck to them. All right. All right. I'm glad that you do stick to it.

Speaker 3: 00:07:47 Free to play or you either one 99 deal.

Speaker 4: 00:07:50 Hi. Bye. Yeah, anything that's stupid cheap

Speaker 2: 00:07:54 diamonds. Uh, when you say a dolphin, a Guppy, what do you got? I'll take Guppy sausage. What's the, what's the Italian version of a Guppy?

Speaker 4: 00:08:05 Uh, I don't other think that exists. I've got a tub of them. Hey sir, I'm an American. All right. Okay. Okay, sure. We'll go with that.

Speaker 2: 00:08:16 But on our last podcast, we talked about that the Elsa blitz was coming on the 26, uh, because of whatever it was on that Marvel blog and actually you could acquire Elsa via your wallet via on the tartan 22 that you're were event didn't start really until the 31st, which was Halloween, which makes sense cause she's in supernatural and spooky, blah blah blah. I've had really shitty luck with the, the Elsa orbs. I think I had just unlocked her yesterday just from the side stuff. So, uh, I think I've gotten like one blue drop from her, which is surprising considering that like, you know, all the other times I've done any of those character blitzes or the events I've, I tend to go pretty hard on those, uh, you know, refreshing up until a hundred cores and just, you know, spending 500 energy a day on the events and going from there. But how are you guys doing with, uh, the, uh, the event campaign? I thought it was fun. I thought the, uh, the mr sinister ending thing was pretty wild.

Speaker 3: 00:09:11 And until you realize that like you get to see how broken he is first time because that it's not that one nine is awful. It's such a horrible,

Speaker 4: 00:09:19 yeah. Yeah. I'm almost, I'm, I almost have her on locked. I'm excited. I have a very low supernatural team, but they just really a cool team to play and that's what I cared more about at the end of the day is this, if I have fun playing the team, like I'm not in the competitive mode a to like max out characters yet. So like for me right now it's just if they're fun to play, you know?

Speaker 3: 00:09:39 Yeah. See I'm like really? I'm hyper competitive. I,

Speaker 4: 00:09:42 Oh, so that I am that as a person, but I'm not married yet as a player,

Speaker 3: 00:09:47 I try to be hyper competitive while being free, almost free to play. That's my kind of guideline is I bet. And I only really get like you say the one 99 off.

Speaker 4: 00:09:56 Exactly. It's just like stupid. They start, the thing is like, there was like dollar $2 short deals. Like, you don't get too much out of it, but like you stack up shards and we're stacking up Charlotte. Even though the orbs, the shards to open up a orb sucks or power quarters rather, sorry, not shards. Um, like like 415 open up or it's kind of shitty. But like when you have stacked power quarters it doesn't really matter as much, you know? I don't know. Sure.

Speaker 3: 00:10:21 No, my was about 50, 50 and a half car and I run out of mystic stuff because I've already started planning for tier 14. You know, when Fox next really extreme X and they talked about being laser focused. Yeah. Like my, my lines take them economy because they, they literally have me tag those as mr laser focused.

Speaker 4: 00:10:40 Nice.

Speaker 3: 00:10:42 I've always been about getting this. That's why I write the articles about the legendary card. Always super focused on my farm in towards unlocking those legendary characters. Um, I'm actually going to get curious. Seven stars and then Audi legendary character. I will have it seven star will be invisible woman and that's because red star and Mysterio really, really so. But I should theoretically be ready by the time she comes around for seven star there too.

Speaker 2: 00:11:07 Yeah. I'm a sitting at like a hundred and a 300 for him and the raid store. And I think, shocker for me it's like five at a 300 or something like that. Yeah.

Speaker 3: 00:11:15 So I wrote up shop is good. I'm like, I'm, what am I? I'm 187 out of 300 for a shocker. I triple refresh. I've been triple refreshing. Shocker. Since he was released. How are you free to go first in my arena? Sharps like almost, yeah,

Speaker 4: 00:11:32 yeah, yeah. Fair.

Speaker 2: 00:11:34 Hi. I, uh, I've had two arena shard merges happen to me in the past, like two weeks. And so I went from being in the top 10 every single day to now struggling to stay in the top 50

Speaker 4: 00:11:46 dude, which is hard. Yeah. And even for me, when my character is like my 200 K Teknor of a team, uh, I'm,

Speaker 2: 00:11:54 I'm struggling to stay in the top hundred. I went from 11 to now struggling hard to top.

Speaker 3: 00:12:01 Yeah. And I'm, I'm basically permit top five because I was the first person, one of the first people in my shower to get Phoenix. I was really early on Ultron as well and I got it with a woman next time round than basically a visible woman. Phoenix and Ultram, it's, you almost can't lose. It's about your defense. Um, I've got Colossus who is amazing and she has purity and then Mike Neato Ultron and freeness.

Speaker 2: 00:12:32 Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Maybe that's a good try. I'll try that cause I have, um, I'm actually just doing an, an arena fight right now because like in the, in the minutes we talked I was at 25 and I just dropped a 42. So I mean I have

Speaker 3: 00:12:44 double D triple times on defense is the way to go. You basically just got to keep children alive as long as possible and the the eyes.

Speaker 2: 00:12:54 All right. That's a, that's a good try. Cause I think I'm running just being mainly because a, I mean it worked for a while. There was a point where I was stuck at like, you know, I couldn't get out of the top 20 but now I think I was running like a visible woman, a Colossus, a juggernaut and I can't remember who else. But anyway it was, it was about, it was, it worked for a while because nobody knew how to counter invisible woman cause I haven't visible woman at tier 13 yeah. So she's just [inaudible]

Speaker 3: 00:13:21 invisible woman and Minerva as well can stall out invisible woman ever Ultram Phoenix on a tyrant like juvenile a big time if you've, especially if you got high red stars can basically just stall out and survive the five minutes. And that's the only strategy I've cause I defense at the moment. It's not unbeatable, it's, it's almost, you know, there's no unbeatable combo. So you've kind of just got to try and find the thing that is annoying that the people just want to talk, which is why you're on the fence for a while. Cause Gordon, you helped me.

Speaker 2: 00:13:55 So fair. That's the, that's actually the best defense strata I've ever heard of. You make something. So knowing that people just wanna attack you or time or just time out to. But yeah.

Speaker 3: 00:14:05 So yeah, the, that's the one I've seen. I've seen coming. I go home, my on my child does it. There's a guy running nerve, a, an invisible woman together to hiring role. Trauma driven are not all trunk Colossus in Phoenix. Yeah. It's, it's really hard to be in five minutes.

Speaker 2: 00:14:20 We usually saved the team of vice for later, but I want to almost like re re come back to that or something cause that's really good. I'm gonna try that right now cause my defense is visible in Phoenix Ultron, Psylocke and uh, Colossus. And maybe I'll try that. Maybe I'll try. Uh, my biggest tank that I have is so isn't that great. So I know, cause I have highest characters I have right now I have a, a carnage is my highest and Falcon that iron fist and the star Lord. So maybe Luke kit know Luke cage gets wrecked too easily. But anyway, back on target. We'll talk about that in a minute. Uh, so we also had a, this week, we are the past weeks, we've had some really interesting blitz is coming up, which is good for new players, but I'm not so keen on it. So we've had Punisher blitz mystique, blitz, cross bone blitz really. And recently we have going on right now as the cable blitz with a little bit of the, uh, with the mishap of skinning only 30 shard as opposed to 35 charts. If you hit the top 10%, which is kind of shitty, but I don't know if that's a bug

Speaker 3: 00:15:22 or whatever confirmed by Zeke's that it wasn't intentional. I saw that they didn't make a path bottle, but she responded to something about it.

Speaker 2: 00:15:30 All right. So we'll see if that's working as intended or not and uh, and, and they're coming w whatever. So, and then fine. Finally clearing up the recap for the past two weeks, the new you seven meadow raid team is here, which is aptly named tech wing by Chu burger over at alternate reality. So shout out to tech, uh, to chew burger for this set up, which ends up being likes, um, scientists, Supreme Shuri, Manurewa, Falcon and Ultron. So what do you guys think about this? I know Dom, you're not anywhere close to [inaudible]. It's a cool team.

Speaker 3: 00:16:06 Incredible. It is like at any part in the gins life. Spotify, if I'd have said to you, scientists, Supreme is a met a character, much like being told that a year ago.

Speaker 2: 00:16:16 Yeah. He's like, who are you and what are you doing?

Speaker 4: 00:16:20 There's so many. That's the thing is like we shouldn't shit on new characters. And the same habit with Falcons. Like, Oh, so just don't character now power armor is like arguably one of the best topics. You know what I mean? It's like, I feel like we do this too easy.

Speaker 3: 00:16:32 Falcon wasn't great standalone. Right. Then we needed rescue as well because it's with power armor. It's the interaction between Falcon and rescue together that takes them from being really nice to this just because it's the fact that she could hit a special and then Falcon specials and then she instantly hits a road straight like Bach to Bach and then everyone gets a fence open. Then everyone does a, are we using like Falcon in a microcosm on his own wasn't that strong? You needed the rest of the team. I'm now, yeah,

Speaker 4: 00:17:06 but I mean I feel like that's a lot with [inaudible]. That's a lot of it though. It's a team based game. No, I mean I do. I do understand you're saying though like the, the standalone aspect is what makes it if it's good or not. Um, but no, I I, yeah, I feel ya.

Speaker 3: 00:17:20 That was, that was my ticket because when I saw falling and I was like, I'm quiet on the impression. I really like Falcon as a character and like in the MCU and stuff. So I was really looking forward to him and, and I wasn't impressed by his launch because his numbers were just so low. But then you realize like obviously the interaction between him and wall and him and, and rescue suddenly it's quite exciting.

Speaker 2: 00:17:39 Yeah. It just brings that whole new, a newness to that, that team for power armor and then putting him in rates has been interesting because like we have like nine on the board who suddenly have buffs and you hit his special and he just gives turn meter increase to everybody who's got buffs and also takes out stuff. Like that's what you need and you seven. Yeah. Just sure. Because you just run out of time, like timeout on nodes and whatnot. So it's very interesting and I'm kinda curious to see how that works out. Cause you know, the more turns you take, the more you can flip ups, the more you can survive. But scientist spring, it's just, it's just an interesting dynamic. So pretty, pretty exciting to see how like, you know, that's the thing that's cool about this game is like, it's still constantly evolving even though we shit on it so much. Uh, we just want it to be as good as we can. That's why we care so much. But, uh, anyway, that was a long tangent getting through the last recap and whatnot. But a metal, so you, you've made a name for yourself on Reddit by just giving us as the, by us as the community, a list of things to use with new characters when they come out by like giving us really detailed oriented, like, Hey, do you just unlocked a Shuri who's coming out soon? This is how you, I think you've done that already.

Speaker 3: 00:18:47 Yeah. It was going to be the worst one because I literally audio luxury the day I diary published the, it didn't get it the, so I was, it was a lot more theory crafting and I spent a lot of time watching all the people play Shuri on Twitch, going all YouTube and going, okay, so that we're sure. So I'll put back.

Speaker 2: 00:19:06 Yeah. So what, what got you to, what made you want to start doing that and being kind of like a content creator or something like that. But um, uh, what did, uh, yeah, so what prompted you to kind of like want to start going down that route and be like, Hey, like this is cool. Like I want to start doing this or putting the time and energy into doing that. Cause I, I've thought about doing like guides and like I have a, a video guide that I'm working on now that's kind of like, you know, here's the best auto blitz team cause I don't have time to blitz. So like these are the characters I put together to help auto blitz all the way through. Because you know, I hate blood so much. So it's like this is what works. But like what gives you that desire to do that? Because I fucking hate it.

Speaker 3: 00:19:45 I just got into it accidentally. I didn't intend to do this. I basically, you know what everyone else was like farming defenders when they were the first team. There was one guy in my Alliance who was like, no, no, the guardians are the team guardians of the team. I was be my Alliance leader chose on, he was like, no, we're going to build guardians. She's got a massive guardians. He and everyone else were massive defensive and I was like, I just, I don't want to build the feminists like everyone else. I want it to build shield from the word go. So, so I got this reputation as like whenever anyone in locked, always working on shield or unlocked fury, they were, they'd come to me and go, well what do I do with the shield? And I got really bought even in my own Alliance with answering the same questions.

Speaker 3: 00:20:23 So I thought I threw together the basics of the fury guide on my phone for my Alliance and then I noticed that and I published it at my lines and then I noticed that like on Reddit it was just the same questions. So I threw it on Neil. If you go back to my theory guy, this, I've got it timed as like every time I edited it when you sections, because the format didn't exist. I didn't, I made it up as I was going along and I was answering people's questions in the comments and, and it was only ever supposed to be to kinda just give something to my Alliance to go, this is what you'd do with fury because I've been using it for three months, four months at this point no one else has. Um, and the reaction to it was so popular. I went, well, okay, I've got, I've, I've had marketing for a while and I know he's gonna actually I can do some stuff with that. And then it kind of just went from there and now people are going to be, can you do a guide for this guy? Can you do a guide for this team? And um, you know, when people are bartering down my daughter, like do six guides.

Speaker 2: 00:21:19 Yeah. So what do you, what do you have next on the docket to do?

Speaker 3: 00:21:22 I'm bout 90% done with all from as a standalone legendary characters. Um, I've got all Tron almost finished. I again, it's a lot of this stuff is just testing things and I've been really lazy with all from, because anyone who's got it, I assume you have no, it's just he wins with any, any old teams. So you don't really tend to strategize too much for the guys of I go that will get me decent points in blitz, throw them in with Ultram and they don't have a team and it's fine. So I've actually been sat that practice trying out different combos to see what works so I can give some decent advice on top of that. Um, I've gotten, Minerva is about half dollars a guide. Um, but again, she is kind of the same only instead of whichever four guys you've got left, it's, it's whichever team has and has a need of a healer throw in over. And instead of the healer because she's like, I'm on, I'm also, I've been asked to do as soon as the six guides, which is about 30% done and everyone's going to hurt me far because I actually, it's like sinister six.

Speaker 2: 00:22:26 Are we good on ward defenses where, which is where I keep them right now. That's about it.

Speaker 3: 00:22:31 My, my, my one thing will always come back to if something goes, they're designed to be defenders, but unlike magnate on brotherhood who can punch 67 yeah, you can walk on shield and win handily if you try and do a punch up that high on sinister sex because you're fighting defenders, if anything goes wrong, you just lose because you know your villains fighting defenders. Yeah. So if something doesn't stay, if you don't stick blind to punish her or you don't manage to kill own first before I get to heal off, you just lose.

Speaker 2: 00:23:01 Yeah. Yeah. That's, that's the unfortunate thing with the, with those things that are just designed to work well. But like I've had weird winds on defense firm things like I'll look back and like somebody had tried to punch like punch it down like 40 K on my, I think my sister six or like 160 or 170 K nothing crazy. And I was like, Oh that's interesting. Someone like 200 K tried to Blake attack my defend my a sinister six. And they all just got wrecked. Like, and they're all just like, they're all level 60 and six six, six, four. So it's not like they're anything spectacular but still, it's like they're all, I think tier 10

Speaker 3: 00:23:38 I think it's one of those things is like people are so used to putting their teams together and the, so you use, you've got this mindset, you use ax men and Phoenix against calls from, you use, you know, shield against BKT or high defenders or whatever. And you have this like set of squads and no one's figured out what it is that just, you know, you just throw against sinister six. So they try and just mush five characters that they've got to pair together and go it'll be fine because it's only sinister sex and then they just get the

Speaker 2: 00:24:10 yeah, it's surprising like how quick they are. Cause I've tried that too of like just saying it's like okay I got like you know crossbones and Yon do and like maybe Hawkeye, Oh this will be fine. Or like before I can even go like more half of my team's dead. I'm like Oh well this whatsoever.

Speaker 3: 00:24:24 They are incredibly front loaded so if you can survive the initial burst we do win. I think M is possibly my, my choice for, I think M is one of those teams that if you want it to be seen as sexy you'd probably use them because they can take such a kick them and keep going.

Speaker 2: 00:24:40 Yeah. Yeah. Well yeah aim is unfortunately on my defense as well cause they're sitting at a 150 K right now. Yeah.

Speaker 3: 00:24:47 Okay. My name is 60 gay dude, just done power armor for the guide and I've just saved up like all of my techie to do instantly from a Colson. Yeah. And I also just got my citizen sexual play tier 10 as well. So I don't have the tech gear to invest in Emory.

Speaker 2: 00:25:06 Do you check yours? What's really screwing me in? Every, in every aspect. So I feel you there. Yeah. And you're, and you're going to be hurting soon, Dawn, cause you're gonna about to unlock Colson. So, but you'll have to start working on that. Wait Colson's tech. Oh yeah.

Speaker 3: 00:25:22 Even here. So there no response.

Speaker 2: 00:25:25 Yeah, it was a, it was a weird thing because like his, I was expecting his unique to be something different, but it's like the shield thing that is the same as shield security. So it's whatever the uh, yeah, the superior shield tag, which makes sense I suppose. Like it's just, boy, so much things to work on long enough to do,

Speaker 3: 00:25:42 um, pebble spiky balls and lizards archers.

Speaker 2: 00:25:44 Oh, great. Yeah. And then guess what, Dom, you have to do it all over again once you unlock Altron yeah, but at least we'll all try on like that'll be worth, that'll be worth it. Yeah. That's when he started to say, fuck it, I'm just gonna buy the offers because it just gets me, it just, it saves like literally two, three weeks of time, 20 bucks it gets, it's one of those things where you're just like, okay fine, whatever, it'll do it. I luckily had enough saved up cause I was working on aim before I unlock calls it. And then once they announced calls and I was like, okay, I'm going to switch gears and start to save from that. So I'm like, all my aim are like 52 53 something like that. And slowly working on it and then all of a sudden like, Hey, scientists, Supreme ISMETA now for rates.

Speaker 2: 00:26:22 I'm like, God damn it. Now I have like all this other things to work on. But now, like we said before, I'm, I'm working on getting my, uh, Colson shield team up for award defense because on the last two Wars I've had, I've had over 10 wins per that one team. And now they'll almost, I think by the end of this weekend I'll have them all at tier 13 or in level 71. So it's gonna be real hard to beat when you coming up against me cause I'm in security, so they all just get wrecked with the defense down. So it's gonna be ridiculous. But

Speaker 3: 00:26:53 I've, I've, I've just, if you put Colson's and you put them in securities, you put them in reactors. Oh my God. [inaudible] in reactor is, is absolute cancer. It's, you can't, it's just so hard to be react as a horrible thing to the talk anyway. Yeah. And you, you fight and calls and you, Oh, it's just not, it's not fun. It's not fun.

Speaker 2: 00:27:13 Yeah. It's not going to be, no, I don't, I don't envy anybody who tried to do that, which is why I try to use all my high teams before reactors so that all my life mates have to worry about it. So sorry, everyone who's listening, that's what happens. That's why I'm like blowing my load before that all happens. But uh, moving along, we have what's coming up next in the next couple of weeks. So we have chewed or three new characters coming out soon. We have hella, which I think is coming on next week and they'll blitz, which I'm, I'm looking forward to hella, I'm not looking forward to having to blitz for her. I, I really dislike the blitz mode and I know they said that they're changing blitz ever so slightly to make it more, make all the characters, especially I got 8.3 more, uh, attuned to like whatever your character levels are.

Speaker 2: 00:27:56 So I'm curious to see how that breaks the game, which it probably will and cause you know, at 8.3 when I have my 300 K ultra team doing blitzes, like I'm facing off against like 480 K teams, which obviously can't win. You can't do anything at that point. I sent in suicide teams, I stay at like two or seven. I just then suicide teams in like my level one characters and just to reset me back to like tier six or tier five and I just had auto again and I'm good to go. Right. So, uh, and then we have Stripe coming soon, which we haven't had a, uh, had anything like a timetable for that yet. And then mr sinister is coming soon. I know in our last episode we talked about how broken mr sinister is. So I'm curious to see how they release him.

Speaker 4: 00:28:37 People have been saying that he's being overhyped.

Speaker 2: 00:28:40 I think so. But then after seeing him in the campaign at the very last night with the campaign, I think, I think as a middle ground, I don't think he's going to be sad strong as he was. But then also I think he's going to be, you know, not as like, Oh he's overhyped. I think he's, he's gonna be fine. So

Speaker 3: 00:28:58 I am putting my flag in the thing. It's not, he's not overhyped he's going to be the new arena matter too, because it doesn't matter how much weaker the version of the character you steal is. If you steal a second Ultram, you've still got two worlds. You've still got two phoenixes.

Speaker 4: 00:29:18 Right. I thought when we say steal, and this was what I was thinking when we say a steel, I thought he was literally stealing attuned from your side and bring it to his side. Clones, clones it, which is still cool, but he would have been overly insane if you physically like stole a character from your team called mechanic. And that's what I thought. Because not only are you losing a character, but then you're killing your own character. And that's why I thought it was. And when I heard that, I was like, uh, wow, this is, that's the, that's the most broken thing I've ever heard of. That would be a cool mechanic. But also that would be, that would be game. I think that'd be game breaking if that was the case. But it's not the case. The cloning is cool. Seeing it firsthand was cool. Uh, thank God it's random, right? The cologne. No,

Speaker 3: 00:29:59 it's, it's wrong with it all. It's targeted for you. So, um, like I said, in arena, you just texted with Phoenix and then it doesn't matter if you're doing 30% less damage than not Phoenix anomalies, you still have to dock Phoenix Hills, which is an AOE white every buff on the board. It doesn't ma, it did zero damage. It's still be incredibly powerful for just because it wiped out everyone's DebOps and then you can then your own Phoenix comes in eventually. You know what I mean? It's, it's crazy. He's gotta be, he's gotta be on everyone's arena team.

Speaker 2: 00:30:34 Yeah. Do you think he's going to be a legendary character or what? I know you have to die. You leave soon. Don't be silent about it. Yeah. But uh, so Dom's leaving early, he's going to Philadelphia to, you know, uh, vehicle and hang out down there and eat some cheese steaks. But uh, it's all right.

Speaker 4: 00:30:49 I didn't even think about that. I'm having a cheese steak. Mallory getting cheese steaks.

Speaker 2: 00:30:53 Good. Go to a, what does it tone? Not tone. Not you don't go to the two ones? It's a Tony. Tony. Yeah. Tony Luke's. That's the place you want to go. Yeah. Uh, just keep the window open so that way it doesn't disconnect and then uh, he'll be fine. So if you got to go, it's good talking to them. Enjoy it. Don't die. Please. Thank you. Thank you. Full metal. Thanks again buddy. I appreciate you man. Nice to meet you and thank you so much guys. It'll just be full metal and myself talking from here on out. So, which is good cause we're about halfway through the podcast anyway, so I worked out, so

Speaker 3: 00:31:20 that was, that was that Bob did. So if you missed him, I was loaded, so I'm sorry.

Speaker 2: 00:31:26 Yeah, I thought it's all good. He was, he's not here to defend himself anymore, so it's perfect. So it's Tom's fault for having, you know, things to do on the weekends. I mean, I mean we all, we work so much during the week. Why can't you get things done during the week? Dom C? Yup, exactly. You can't defend yourself. So there you go. But yeah, I think I agree. I think mr sinister is going to be the new arena. Metta and I'm con, I'm like just watching for iTunes card sales just to see what happens cause I'll probably pick up probably, I mean I'm not one to, I don't, I've, I've switched my spending habits to more resource based as opposed to character based because I think the characters are wildly overpriced and not anywhere near what they should be. So I've like switched to like, you know, I'll, I'll, I'll buy like, you know, $100 gift card for iTunes for like $85 us here. And then, uh, when they go on sale like, you know, every eight weeks or so, it was something like that. I'll pick it up in the yard cause I'm essentially getting more bang for your buck or whatever. And then as the gold offers come in, I'll spend the 25 bucks to get the gold offer for that. Cause you know, I, for me personally, like I, I work in an industry where like I, I fortunately had the option of like, you know, I can write it off as research so it kind of works out.

Speaker 2: 00:32:40 Right? Yeah. Yeah. And then I just got a tax bill in the mail. That's great. Can't wait. I have to deal with that this weekend. But um,

Speaker 3: 00:32:47 well yeah, and you might be happy to know though, from what I've heard. I mean, obviously it's not 100%, but from, I've got my ear to the ground a lot, so I get a lot of people like coming to me with like leaks and rumors and stuff or what I've heard for sinister is his compelling event again. Okay. Um, I think they're gonna do you know like with the Falcon and rescue thing where there was like half of the story with fall coming in the half of the rescue, um, an Elsa like the whole campaign leads up to meet and sinister at the end. I think storyline wise the, the second half of the competitors will be us to, sorry from its kind of core but it also means that if sinister is his campaign based it's everyone's almost going to have a five star. So mr pretty, yeah, that's true. Which is scary. I don't want, I don't want that.

Speaker 2: 00:33:33 No, that all that will be, I mean it's the same thing with like Phoenix is like, you know, whenever the first couple of people who unlocked Phoenix as six red six star out the gate was like the top of the arena charts for awhile and then the other one came out and now it's just like, you know who can stay at the top for the time being. So we'll see what happens with that. Like part of me is like, yeah, that'd be great because then I could get a five star, Mister sinister, but then it's also like, Oh, but then everyone has a five star. It's mr. Senator. Fuck.

Speaker 3: 00:34:01 My point is can you clone mr sinister and have him call on someone else and does it continually degrade their starts or do they all the colognes coming out just that the standard degradation in which point can you not just claw like 20 ms. They have five mr Sinisters and then five phoenixes.

Speaker 2: 00:34:17 Yeah, that'd be cool man. That sounds ridiculous, but at the same time that's the fun part about it. It's the theory crafting and I thought, I'm excited to see the gifts in the videos on Reddit when it all comes out.

Speaker 3: 00:34:32 I'll be honest with you, I enjoy it. That's why I got into the guides and stuff is because I along, I love looking at the interactions between characters and trying to figure out, you know, what character I can put in, what team to do to do what with them and like I've really enjoyed this part as part of the guide. There's a lot of people are sending me these non-metal suggestions about, you know, if you, if you take the magnate when you switch out like mystique and saber tooth and put miles and I'm running, it massively increases the strength of the team and I don't take it out. Someone else told me about it.

Speaker 2: 00:35:00 Yeah, I, I do. So with my, so that's, I've often, like I said, I was working on like an auto wind team that's actually part of my auto win team just because at least for me personally, like I have a 76 cake carnage and he, like, I've been trying to find a place for him to live. And so like for me, I have a, I've done something similar where I have juggernaut and venom, Magneto, carnage and pyro. And so by the time carnage does his special, everyone's got a shit ton of buffs on him and he hits the main target for 250 K with this special and just deletes that character. Um, and then, you know, with his, with how the turn meter goes for everything, it's just like carnage goes, they make or Magneto goes and carnage and then venom spreads all the buffs. Uh, and then if somebody is still alive, pyro that does is his special and like puts it bleeds on them and then everyone's just dead. So

Speaker 3: 00:35:47 it's absolutely great against stuff like BKT as well. RET speakers, which is such an, obviously it's a really common threat. You need time you need to encounter. So especially now that you can't rely on brotherhood to clear shield because every shield team under the sun now has calls from with them and he just destroyed his brotherhoods. It's really nice that you can pivot with a couple extra check character genders and find something regular for brotherhood to be able to still be.

Speaker 2: 00:36:13 Yeah, I haven't, I have carnage on defense right now with my alternate just cause he's, uh, he's with the buffs and everything. Like he's like a 90 somethingK , so he's, there's scary for people. And then I've had a couple of people back out because of that. And so I might switch them back onto the offense once I get something else going with that. And you use that team for maybe six up. But what I, the one thing I like using for that, uh, brotherhood teams, I put kingpin in and I keep mystique because a, and fight against BKT because with the alt from kingpin is right before rocket does his all. So you have the defense ops, everyone at least survives the rocket all and then you can say pirate or special.

Speaker 3: 00:36:49 The video I saw actually, um, very, very recently about doing exactly that, using kingpin in brotherhood, but you also swap mystique out as well as services and put crossbones. Oh that's interesting. And apparently absolutely destroy your big cause you get King Pinnell off and then you get crossbones all off and it absolutely decimates to take.

Speaker 2: 00:37:11 All right, I'll give that a try and set a mistake cause I have a, maybe I'll put mystique in for carnage in my a Ultron team and then we'll go and I'll try. All right, I'll try that and report back later.

Speaker 3: 00:37:21 I think the whole, it's, it's fun in places people that replacements do you consent to for them anyway because they are about to start off to morose.

Speaker 2: 00:37:28 Yeah, exactly. With strife and Mister sinister. So we'll see what happens that like it just adds, I like all these different ways of thinking about things. I mean that's part of the thing that we've said in the past with our love it and hate it. A segment of like what we love about the game is like really for me it's the theory. Crafting is figuring out things and what we can do, what we can't do. I mean that's the whole point of the game. It's the whole reason why I still play. If it didn't have this theory crashing, I think I probably wouldn't still continue to play this game because it's a cash grab. I'm just like, huh.

Speaker 3: 00:37:54 I I, this is something that I was frustrated with for a long time as well in that they were releasing full teams. So you didn't really have any wiggle room or any choice. You, you had brotherhood, you had fire members, you had, uh, defenders, what, like essentially five members all or you can flex a Punisher for miss Marvel I suppose. But you had, then you had these other team you had, you know, so fantastic for how five, six members and it's, it's very common to have five or six members. And it was felt and feeling like they were trying to shut down this kind of, uh, ability to mess around and mix and match and stuff. And, and I'm glad that there's, there's small teams that are coming through when you see like [inaudible] seven, which is people to, to think on their feet and, and mix.

Speaker 2: 00:38:38 Yeah. Mixed the full man. Ultimate seven [inaudible]. We're running ultimate seven twice a week on weekends. So we run in one on Friday and one, uh, today, I just actually launched it now for our, our Alliance. But it's just like, man, it's, I don't know if they bought it slightly because like, I could do the first two nodes, no problem with, uh, with my different routine that I have. Uh, but man, I tried it yesterday and I couldn't get, I had to heal twice. On the first note, I was like, what the hell is going on?

Speaker 3: 00:39:08 We haven't actually tried it yet because it's hard. We can 100% [inaudible] and at the point where we're at, we're getting, because obviously the, the whole thing about the, all the seven points aren't really comparable. The points per node you've got to do like why is it 38 40%

Speaker 2: 00:39:27 37% is the technical number. Yeah.

Speaker 3: 00:39:30 So we didn't want to ask people to have to go out and potentially spend resources when ROAS, if we just a hundred percent old sets every time. We're getting slightly more red season rewards than a lot of our alliances around us who've switched over to [inaudible], which means that at the end of the day we are ranking higher in red season rewards to get the extra T falls. So we haven't,

Speaker 2: 00:39:54 yeah, I mean, I mean you definitely need a team like my, so I have what I dove is the best rate team, which has much more of a rocket than I was invisible men and Star-Lord. Um, that's what I use for at least the first two nodes for old seven. That's a 280 K and they'd get wiped and they're all a tier four, tier 13, um, at least, uh, every, well everyone is four red stars except for an invisible woman. She's unfortunately only three, but it's like they still don't survive that whatsoever, which is kind of crazy that like I've spent all this time with this and like they'll all die like turn to and that gonna have to go back in and read, heal them all and do that stuff. So I've started like figuring out how do I, that's why I was like happy to hear about tech Wayne cause that's something else and sustain this so necessary. And that until you go into 75,

Speaker 3: 00:40:35 one of the tips that I am seeing come through is this idea of using like a turn of your team. And then and then let the policy and then you maybe use another half turn and then just let the note Tom house. So you don't have to. And it's just that it doesn't feel fun to me. I feel personally, and I've said this on Reddit before in independents cause the, the two players you'll see me as posting guides and complaining about things. We do it because we love it. Right?

Speaker 2: 00:41:00 Yeah. We do it because we want the game, we enjoy the game and we want the game to be fun. And that's the whole point of gaming is to have fun and like, you know, I mean it's honestly, it's like if the game was more fun and more competitive and they had different modes in there, like, you know, like a tower mode or something, I'd probably play it more often and not spend all my time on blitz. If blitz didn't suck,

Speaker 3: 00:41:22 I don't spend eight hours writing a guide for again because I don't love it. Right. So if I seem a bit negative on Reddit, it's literally because I care.

Speaker 2: 00:41:34 Yeah, exactly. I mean, I personally don't really give a shit about the Marvel aspect. Dom's the comic efficient auto. So like for me it's like I like the theory crafting and the and the game play and like what the technical aspects of the game is what drives me and I think that's kind of cool. And also the competitiveness of like trying to come up with different ways of doing things and that sort of stuff. So that's my dig on the game. That's why I still continue to play it. And also like thinking of like, okay, well I'm building this team now. I've worked on this and like I'm seeing the fruits of my labor of like, you know, having the Colson team be like all tear thirteens and whatnot and just wrecking everybody who comes around. I was like, okay, cool. Like that's cool to me. Like I like my thoughts on how to build this character has actually paid off and therefore it's like, you know, I'm seeing it how it works out so well. That actually takes us to our next segment since we're just talking about it. The love it or hate it. The segment where we talked about one thing we love about the game and one thing we hate about the game, so metal. I'll let you decide which one you want to talk about first and how the you want to come along.

Speaker 3: 00:42:29 No, you know why? You know, I think almost anybody who you spent any time on and knows what we're all going to say we have. Again, it's politically yeah, is crazy. The argument that I've built about this or I've put it together and I, I'm, I'm writing an article about the things I think the game does well and things that the game could do better in my, my personal things with it, so I'm going to give you like a small exit as a, as it were to me is it's priced as, it's, it's controlled like a primary resource, but it's actually a secondary resource because it's used across the board for everything. You need gold to promote Ranka characters. You need gold to level of characters. You need gold to equip gay. You need gold to any goal for everything in the game, which makes it a secondary resource because if it's an underlying thing, you need primary resources for every single one of those things.

Speaker 3: 00:43:19 I said you need character shards or T R building materials or [inaudible] pieces. Um, but gold comes in as a secondary resource because you need it for every single one of those things too. But it's controlled. It is tightly controlled as a primary regionals. Yeah, and that makes no sense. If you play all the mobile games, I play final fantasy Brea of activists and Gill on that essentially does the same thing that gold was here for. It's about 10 times more available. So it doesn't matter about you're about to drop 3 million to promote a character at seven style because you have 20 million because it gives you more than enough because they understand that as a secondary resource, you can't use it if you don't have it. And therefore bottle-necking primary resources and bottlenecking secondary resources just kills, kills players. It kills your coat. Oh,

Speaker 2: 00:44:10 again. Yeah, it kills. It kills your entire business model at that point. And we've talked about that too. It's just like if they just made it more available or even like, you know they had a 66% increase recently. Like well just leave that as the thing and like we were getting like, you know, 40 K a a no to just like refreshing. I spent so many course just getting through that just started just to get gold up. It's just like, yeah it's, I agree. I think that's a, that's a probably a pretty sound

Speaker 3: 00:44:36 route to go log in calendar where they gives half a million a day. Did it, didn't break anything, help people improve their accounts. But the thing is because everything's controlled by our primary sales people, you'll, you'll see people ask for more golden goal, but soon everyone will have level 70 accounts and they're like, no they won't because they won't have the training modules to promote people levels. Yeah, that becomes a problem. The training model becomes the primary resource again. Like it should be. And then you've still got to strategically use the goals.

Speaker 2: 00:45:04 Yeah. Cause it's, it's still not just running everyone up, but it looks like either that or just take away the, the gold necessity for like loving up characters or promoting characters or anything like that. It's like it just needs a little bit more fine tuned Mitt I would say so. But at this point they can't take that away because then everyone who, you know, if they take it away, everyone who's like, well I spent all this money on gold, blah blah blah now whatever. So it's just like, I feel like the, the answer to that is just increased over Wars or just give us more goal or just give us, you know,

Speaker 3: 00:45:34 just loosen the bell a bit. We all have jobs, we don't need the get to be. I was second job.

Speaker 2: 00:45:39 Yeah. So with the a, yeah. So what's the, what's the, the tail end of that then? What do you love about it?

Speaker 3: 00:45:45 I love the, everything that isn't controlled by the money guys. The art is X. I'm a, I'm a comic guy. I'm a comic geek too. I grew up reading the comics and stuff. So every time they release a new character, I'll, I'll flash back and like, Oh, there's a great story with that guy. And then, you know, it makes you want to collect the characters. I, I have every character in the game apart from hell of them. Uh, because I love the collection aspect. Um, and I love seeing these characters again to use these characters that I grew up with. But the, the animations and the art every time been really good recently. Like mysterial was incredible. Like he's not a particularly great tune in the game, but if you time sent down a times one and actually watch his animations that brilliant, the art guys smashing out the park, um, I love novel for the same reason his, his old animation is brilliant. Um, and you can't fault those guys. They're putting their heart and soul into creating the art and the animation. The stories like the compares stories are always fun to read because they, yeah, they seem to actually fundamentally understand that the characters they're writing about,

Speaker 2: 00:46:50 and also get a little hint of what's coming up next too. So let's have you pay attention. And you can actually kind of get an idea like what, where the game was going. Um, but if you don't pay attention then you can't get it to, you got to pay attention, all that stuff. But yeah, the, the art style is great. That's part of the reason why I started originally, like when the game first came out because I was just looking for a game to play. Uh, cause I work in the film industry. So it's like I was sitting at a monitor all day long. I was like, Oh, what's the gotcha game that I can play this not, Oh here's a Marvel game. Cause I didn't want to play contest of champions cause I was like, I hate fighting games. So I was like, Oh I like strategy, RPG, tactical stuff.

Speaker 2: 00:47:22 So like Oh this is kinda right up my alley. And then I got like real sucked into it real quick. So there was that aspect of it. But yeah, the great, the storylines are awesome. It's, I mean it's the same like that with, with any industry relates. There's like there's a bunch of people who have put their heart and souls in and stuff, but it's just like the higher ups that really just want to control everything. It's like, no, this is the way we need to do it. We need to make money, blah, blah, blah. So

Speaker 3: 00:47:43 I see. I do feel like sometimes they don't quite understand exactly why that the game is as popular as it is and they may have things that don't necessarily make sense from that perspective because they don't understand what we love about it and why we keep playing and they just go, Oh well money in our pocket. We don't care. As long as they're getting money in our pocket and they don't even understand necessarily why we're spending what, what is more of it is to spend the thing that, you know, look at the book, look at the offer. It's like, what, 50 orange T4 for materials for 20 quid. Like who's buying that?

Speaker 2: 00:48:15 Oh, that's it's, that's on the cheap end. It's like $60 for me in the U S it's crazy.

Speaker 3: 00:48:21 It's, it's, it's, I don't know. I don't get it. I just, this doesn't make sense.

Speaker 2: 00:48:27 Well I'm hoping that one day that we can actually get somebody a from Fox next on the podcast and talk to them about that stuff cause uh, but that'll be a day where like I'll have to come super prepared and actually have a good time and talking with them. Cause like, you know, I, I'm just curious from like a business perspective how that all plays in what their goal is. Like I understand that they have uh, you know, bottom lines and line items and all sort of stuff to kind of like to, to aim towards everything. But I'm also trying to, I'm curious about like where they're going with like are they catering to the community and whatnot. I was like, is there a certain point in which they say, okay, you know, we've made X amount of dollars or whatever. Actually I'm just thinking about this yesterday. I'm very curious to see where they're at. Cause I know year one, which the game wasn't very popular whatsoever, made like $150 million. So now I'm curious to see. I would, I wouldn't put it past them that they've doubled if not tripled that number going forward. So

Speaker 3: 00:49:18 I think it says a lot that our attitude towards the pricing, when do you remember when they did miss Marvel? They'd be like 50 shards for one, $2 or something. And everyone went read it. When it's an era, it's a price in our body quick, they're going to, they're going to remove it and then, cause Cerebra actually had to go and go, no, no, no, this is intentional. But we're so used to them trying the gouges that we saw this deal and we're like, buy it now because it's an IRA.

Speaker 2: 00:49:41 Yeah, well they're doing that right now. I think they have a 45, uh, Scarlet witch charge for two 99 U S so it's like that's the same, it's the same thing. So it's like, I mean, I'm all for, I'm all for it. I think it's great.

Speaker 3: 00:49:55 Upload your way as well because she's [inaudible] try to make a matter squatter with scholar, which she's on supernatural so, and I know she is an arena tune so she's fairly easy to farm, but she's also, you know, on that led his team. I was so surprised to see that.

Speaker 2: 00:50:08 Yeah. And that's what I think it should be. Like if they take some character charge, you know, you know, make it, we've, we've had this discussion, we're beating a dead horse at this point on this podcast so many times, but it's like if you take that, you take that, uh, you know, those, there's new offers when I'm, and you make 'em $15, $20, you know, something that's not 50 to like a full price video game. I'm going to go finish up borderlands three after we're done here. Like pick a game that I've spent, I don't know, $60 on and I have like this, this whole list of things in the game or whatever, uh, you know, a full experience as opposed to a game that I like. You know, granted I, I play probably play more Marvel strike force than I do any other console games, but still it's like take that level of integrity or not integrated, the level of sophistication within and the graphics and care and lots of stuff put into the game. Um, with a $60 game and like you're going to get me 45 shards of something come on and like not even enough to unlock your character. Like if it was like $50 to take a care character all the way to like seven star. Yeah, that'd be,

Speaker 3: 00:51:14 it's a ghost writer came out when it was like you can get, I think it's a minimum of 111 shards all the way up to you might get eight jackpots and instantly seven I'm, but you won't because it's half a percent or something crazy.

Speaker 2: 00:51:26 Yeah, I stopped. I stopped buying character sharks because, because of that cause like I can't, like it's a gambling things like I'm not, I'm not doing that.

Speaker 3: 00:51:34 That's not the second 5,000 that's like my dinner every day for a week or three cycles. Right. But I can get some from freedom.

Speaker 2: 00:51:42 Yeah. So I understand why you do the a, why you do the free to play for the most part because like honestly you can do it as long as you have patience really you can unlock everything. So I wouldn't,

Speaker 3: 00:51:53 well, like I said, I've, I've only spent on the one 99 deals. I've basically all of them apart form, which, because I've read seven, sorry. Yes. I've bought a couple of gold deals. I was super lucky actually a couple of off of the back of one of my last guides, a couple of folks donated some cash to me that's final goals to help me like level up in visible woman and stuff so they could get to the point where I could actually write a decent guide about it. Um, so other than that I really haven't spent on the game. I bought a really couple of really small deals and I'm still 3.2 million TCB.

Speaker 2: 00:52:23 That's not bad. I met just under, I think it meant like 3.8 3.9 something like that. But like I've, I've, I'm at 3.8. Yeah. I've, um, I've just, yeah, just doing resource management at this point. So

Speaker 3: 00:52:35 yeah, ma'am. I'm only a 460 days as well. So you've got a headstart for half on me though. So

Speaker 2: 00:52:40 that's true. So just, just goes to show that like you don't have to spend a ton of money on this if you don't really want to. And that's what the great thing about, um, this thing is like your, your most valuable resources, your time and patience. So there you go and go and go. So, uh, we, our next segment is talking about red stars and what red stars we've pulled this week with the Elsa campaign coming out and having the 10% increase, uh, for Elsa. I think Ghostrider was [inaudible]

Speaker 3: 00:53:07 we could go or two weeks ago, tried it before and then it was, did they do a, they did half of brotherhood. They did mystique tooth on.

Speaker 2: 00:53:17 Yeah, I believe. I believe so. Um, I didn't, I, so I'm a hoarder. Like I'm a type of person that like, I'll save red stars. Like when a character comes, um, comes out and you know, have increased chance to one on. So I saved probably about 20 red star basics to open. I only got Elsa, the three red stars. I got ghost writer to three red stars. So, and they're both sitting at three stars for me currently, so that's where they'll go, which kind of bums me out because when you know, when the red star or blitz comes out, I can't really use them in there. So I have to sub out people when that comes around. But there'll be good for my premium, our bullets. So that'd be good. How about, how was your pools?

Speaker 3: 00:53:54 I do exactly the same thing. I stockpile until a board comes out. Um, so I go way back. I've been doing this since before it was a woman, so I, I look out and go forward. Style was ball and from, from stockpile for her, I opened 90 red star orbs and gotten none. Oh my God, that's horrible. I go, I got her on my 20th, which was pretty good, but I opened 50 for calls and didn't even get him at one red style. Oh man. I bought all my red stars for invisible woman. So I bought multiple Colson. I'm at, I'm at three red stars for Colson off of buying them because I didn't, I got one red star for ghost rider, which was soak and I bought I think one mall. Um, and I got, luckily I only have nine left for Elsa when all in, um, my first three OBS when one red star to red star Elsa full red star LC RA. I'm done.

Speaker 2: 00:54:50 Yeah. I just, I do the same. As soon as I got four red stars, I stopped. And that's what I'm, I'll, I'll say for the restaurant cause really that's like four red stars is like the baseline of where you want your characters to be.

Speaker 3: 00:54:59 That's like what, 20%? I think so. Yeah, I think so.

Speaker 2: 00:55:04 Uh, I don't remember off the top of my head. So, um, yeah. So you got a, you ended up with a two red star ghostwriter and a four red star, Elsa. That's not bad. I mean

Speaker 3: 00:55:13 not complete. I'm pleased. Also, I'm less happy when goes to live with the situation and goals around it. But my mystic team is pretty well-stocked anyway cause I've got like a five red star model, a four red star, strange on a full red star scholar, which [inaudible] pretty strong.

Speaker 2: 00:55:28 Yeah. I think I'm uh, I'll get to cue it up real quick, but it was like the, uh, I have a five red star, dr strange, but I have done nothing with dr strange and I think he's still sitting at like level 31 70 K. yeah. So he's, uh, so I have a four red star, a Scarlet, which uh, no, I'm sorry, four star, dr. Strange and it three years or more to us. I was like, it, they're there. They're okay. They're not great. But like I think I'm going to start, once my defenses are done with which we'll get to in the next segment of the war. Uh, results for, or I think I'm going to start just working on supernatural a little bit just because I'm starting to run out of teams to attack with in war. I don't know if you are feeling the same cause we upped our requirements for war to 10 attacks in two boosts.

Speaker 2: 00:56:13 Now we used to be a a nine attacks and one booze, now it's 10 and 10 and two. So I'm starting to run out of teams because once I blow my load with all like, cause I was like seven really good attack teams. I have a, you know, 250 K fantastic four. I have um, a bunch of other like war attack teams. I can't remember off the top of my head but it's just like once those are gone, like I can't do anything like, cause they're all medic teams at that point, at the defensive late game. So like I can, you know, take off of buff or let people use their alts. And like somebody else can clean it up or something.

Speaker 3: 00:56:49 Well we'd go for water fence for at war offense for Rose. We've recently moved towards having a higher offerance and kind of not so much scrapping defense completely, but certainly ramping down on it because we pulled off our first couple of full clears in the last farmer. Oh nice. So we'd never done that before. And then we just managed to hit a point where we were, everything just clicked and everyone was available and, and we managed a couple of full cleaners so we kind of looked at it a bit more when, okay, we can do this, we can, we can work around this. And uh, we changed our defense. All the bits are, we're kind of protecting hanger and armory a lot more, uh, and sacrificing stuff like bridge and reactor because we are finding ourselves to win a war. We have to put out like 15 plus 5,000 points plus every single war. So we just needed more offense. But I've got a car, very, very reliable players. I'm not at walling dizzy. So I've got a call I can lean on that I know can put out eight, 200 care plus 200, 250 K attacks. Yeah. I'm sorry if I made them liquidate that defense just put everything in orphans.

Speaker 2: 00:57:59 Yeah. We used to try something like that and then we had somebody come in and help us, help us out for our war tax and everything like that and just, you know, give us a fresh with everything. And uh, so that's actually interesting because he's about to leave our aligns, he's going to a different Alliance and so now it's going to fall to me really in the, in our leader, cause I'm one of the captains in our, in our Alliance to really kind of myself and my, uh, my elite, my Alliance leader will sit down and think about all these, you know, what we can do. So I like the idea of like sacrificing a bridge and reactor and kind of just putting it into, into like the, the more high value targets of like barracks and armory and maybe security or something like that. And S and C or med Bay for that

Speaker 3: 00:58:39 target high is more, more reliable and more useful than people give it credit for. I'll give you that. Things like having that incident deflect on for example, is allows teams like power armor to punch up much higher against and think about that. Um, so because with the advent Colson, we've had to switch everyone who was using Phoenix's, they were always assigned for killing Ultron teams on defense. But now you have to use your phoenixes for Colson's. Um, so you need to have those tools available to kill from defense teams and power armor can punch off so well against Ultron and that it early to flat is enough to stop all tunnels from deleting accidentally deleting Falcon or rescue.

Speaker 2: 00:59:27 Okay. That's good to know. I hadn't thought about that.

Speaker 3: 00:59:31 That deflect is, it's incredible. It's because all of you, we'll try and acknowledge defense anyway with results because full pacing, it doesn't ignore the flag. So if your hangers gone your power arm or lose a punch lose about 20, 30 K worth of punch up against Voltron.

Speaker 2: 00:59:47 Yeah. Okay. Interesting. I'm just looking at our teams now and so I mean for facing anyone in our war, which is coming up in like a and a little bit, uh, we actually have some decent teams in hangar and actually might switch out a couple of people for some stuff. Just seemed like, uh, some old Tron teams. Uh Oh it was like one guy who's has a 330 K or 323 K a Colson team with his uh, in there. So. Nice. Nice stop. You're, you're, you're doing, you're doing the Lord's work there.

Speaker 3: 01:00:16 I'm super sad because I'm about to sacrifice, you know when I, when I get a bit more gold and I, my Colson is finished, he's close, but I've run out of golden, I mean about 2 million more golden and I can get him to level seven and then we'll be fine. Um,

Speaker 2: 01:00:27 71 is where you want them for this or is this not focused?

Speaker 3: 01:00:30 I can't afford it.

Speaker 2: 01:00:32 I do. I just talk. I just hit 74 yesterday and it costs me 400 K to take on from 73 to 74 is insane. I just, it's so much money.

Speaker 3: 01:00:42 Crazy. Um, but I'm, I'm so sad because I'm going to be sacrificing my shield team on a defense for that because you can't know if you, you have to figure out how to defend students because they're almost unbreakable and less people are Phoenix and mine. I'll be pushing about three 2330 from, I did my shield team on defense as well. So

Speaker 2: 01:01:01 yeah, that's nice. Mine. Mine's not that high. I think mines are like two 70, something like that. So, but still getting there, but uh, and going with that, uh, and, and I guess that was kind of like what we were talking about with war. There's just, you know, we kinda have a segment, we're talking about just war results, how we do, but I kinda liked the changing and stuff to do more war theory crafting. I kinda liked that cause it just gives, it adds like another level to the, uh, the thought process to as opposed to just talking about instead of [inaudible] bragging of like, Oh, Hey, we won this week, we lost this week, blah, blah, blah, whatever. So that was good.

Speaker 3: 01:01:31 It doesn't help because I like to talk as well. I'm, you've read my guides, they're not sure

Speaker 2: 01:01:38 while we had you on here. Yeah. Uh, but so what do you think of, Oh, do you have any team advice since you write the guide? So I just tell people to go read your guides and that'll be it.

Speaker 3: 01:01:48 Uh, well, you know what, actually I'm, I'm now I'm at this weird point where after publishing the guides, I don't know what to do when the event comes back around. Like we just had Mark knee, Oregon recently. Um, I was like, do I just republish my McNeil guide? Do I expect people to search for it? I expect people to tell the people that exists.

Speaker 2: 01:02:08 That's a good, that's a good, that's a problem. And like, I mean, it's a good problem to have I suppose. But yeah, I would say like I would say like, Hey, if you're, I think re-publishing is a good thing, especially since you know, they're coming back around more frequently, which actually I think is a good thing that you know like Hey, like if you missed it last time, here's the link to the last post. But here's, you know, our rehashing of everything like that so that, cause you know P I, I maybe it's just my thought process but I find that like people are lazy and like they don't want to search for stuff. They want to see what's on the front page and that's about it.

Speaker 3: 01:02:37 Well that's why the, I published the, the original fury guide because I was seeing 30 posts in an hour asking the same three questions. Yeah. Like what order do I put them in on the, on the team, what, what do it fall, you know, it was very, very similar questions every single time. And I was like, well I can, I can give you my fury guide and put it out there. Yeah, I certainly would like to clean it up. Especially, because obviously with like em coming out brotherhood, that's just a team that probably can't beat any more. For example, for McKinney, I'm with calls and common out, you can't attack shield if Colton's involved anymore. So, and this, I've learned so much more in the, so much changing in the mat and I feel like maybe I could add to these guides and stuff, but it just takes so long to write.

Speaker 2: 01:03:23 It does. Yeah. And so I'll, I'll, I'll give you one that you can work on, cause I've, I've had a lot of success with this team against aim cause I've been trying to figure out a good way to beat aim. Uh, brawlers is a great combatant against aim because of the burstability. So you want to target shields, uh, scientists Supreme first, but like I can punch up pretty significantly. I think I can do like a 40 or 50 K punch up with my brawlers team, which is currently at 220 K before buffs. So I'd like to, to 40 with buffs, um, ish and, uh, I've, I've had good, good results of beating 300 K teams with my brothers.

Speaker 3: 01:03:59 So, yeah. Are they brothers are, especially if you've got a good captain Marvel. Um,

Speaker 2: 01:04:04 well I am, I got Marvel on defense, so, so, but I, I use, um, my brother's team is surprisingly is um, just to kind of give an idea of what, what they look like. It doesn't seem like it would work, but like it's kinda the constant defense down is what helps 'em because you can, you can burst through the defense down before they flip the buffs, which is what you want. So for me, my brother's team is, uh, ms Marvel, Spiderman, dead America, Chavez and miles. So, and then you can obviously switch up miles if you have 'em someone else. But I know the American Chavez in Spiderman is, is good because you aspirant, does it turn one defense down obviously. Um, and then after the defense down is as gone, uh, America Chavez is, um, basic is the defense down.

Speaker 3: 01:04:49 American Chavez is, is such a under appreciated character. And I think it's because it took them so long to move her from on. Farmable a farmable, but a lot of people have slept on it. But actually if you put a lot of development where she's surprisingly good.

Speaker 2: 01:05:03 Yeah, I think I have her, she's at four stars, four red stars, tier 11, 37 K for me. Uh, I mean I, I have, I have the, the amount, I can take her to six stars right now, but I just haven't had, because I'll be things going into is to shield. So, but yeah, so there's one for you. You can do a brawlers team next to see you.

Speaker 3: 01:05:21 I have, I've actually had some people ask about captain Marvel, so I was going to touch brawlers when I did her. [inaudible] um, but cause obviously she, she's a weird one way. You can just kind of throw it anywhere and she'll do well. Yeah, I think,

Speaker 2: 01:05:34 yeah, I punch up a lot with, uh, with captain Marvel and brawlers a while, but not like a, I didn't have a space for her cause I switched up my teams based, you know, switching around spider verse and everything like that. So I was like, you know what, I just throw her with an ultra on team because why not

Speaker 3: 01:05:48 just make it harder to appeal on it.

Speaker 2: 01:05:50 Yeah, exactly. That's, that's

Speaker 3: 01:05:52 we've moved towards all Trump teams on defense with, uh, things like dr [inaudible] before Supercycle came out, dr strange hand century all Tron. Uh, what was your, the tubes? I think it was crossbones. Um, shield trooper. Okay. Because she'll trip it needs a home now because obviously you're stealing him away from shields to replace recalls and that is getting us from defense ones.

Speaker 2: 01:06:18 All right, that's interesting. You know, I think I have my, our defense for that is same thing. It's, uh, it's, we, I think we have Drax mantis Ultron, uh, uh, one high defend or one high attacker, which for me is Carnegie right now. And then also, um, hand century. So

Speaker 3: 01:06:35 yeah, my mail actually in the monies, the man is comp as well, but he's got a seven Redstone moneys, which is cheating.

Speaker 2: 01:06:40 Yeah, that's cheating. You can't win it. You can't win at that point. I mean that's what I mean. That's really what you want at that point is to have that for a preventive one. So,

Speaker 3: 01:06:48 but I, it interests me that you were talking about like the Metro and stuff and how am I coming in on defense because it's, you've, we've recently seen every, the start of the lives war, everyone had defenders on defense because they're one of those teams that the AI plays very well. It's hard to play defenders badly. But now, now he's seeing so many defensive ends. I'm telling everyone to move their defenders onto offers.

Speaker 2: 01:07:11 Yeah. So that's the, that's yeah, exactly. Cause that's, that's the, yeah, that's the one hard counter right now. But it's just like what do you, what do you do, do you have like do you make somebody spend their high, their one of their heart, uh, they're higher teams to clear your, you know, 400 K defenders or do they, do you save it for your 250 K aim team that you're gonna come across? So it's tough. It's one of those like testing things, but that's what we love about this game. So just figuring this stuff out. So final thing that we have today is our favorite character since we've switched this up to kind of just ask our guests what their favorite character is. Cause we've talked at length about our favorite characters already. It's just, well Dom's not here anymore, so it's just me. A metal. What is your favorite character in the game right now?

Speaker 3: 01:07:54 Oh, is it such a tough one? Cause it depends on like what game, what I'm playing and I again, I love playing the comics, reading the comics. I love so many characters and so many, uh, seeing them just on the field. But Colossus has to be one of my favorite characters in camera now because I feel like they got him right. He's just this big chunky Akil beast of a dude and he's really easier in a really good spot. Like Mattawa is thinking about a team of Phoenix and their environment.

Speaker 2: 01:08:25 Yeah. Looking at it, they are a nightmare. So, but that's uh, awesome man. Well thanks so much for coming on the podcast and, and, and stopping by and chatting with us for sure. And uh, [inaudible] wow. It's all good. It's fine. It's, it's mainly just me talking anyway, so it's, it's more, it's more of the same for what we normally do. But uh, yeah, so you can find full metal streaming on Twitch at twitch.tv/full metal cos I'll put a link in the description below. You can find his, his guides on Reddit with the same Reddit username raffle, metal deck, a will metal cos I think on Reddit.

Speaker 2: 01:09:02 Like I said, I have, my league has a podcast as well called the rebel Alliance. Awesome pod is on Spotify, iTunes and stuff. It's R E V V L Alliance. Awesome. Well, yeah, send us a link to that or send me a link on discord and I will include it as also, so you can also check that podcast out if you want to hear more stuff, if you want to. I not show for like two hours a week. Yeah, that's great. And really be fantastic. So, uh, anyway, uh, you guys can all find us normally where we get this all stuff and I don't know where I was going with that, but anyway. Ah, you can find us on Instagram at O G. dot. Podcast. Twitter is overachievers P our website is being over cheever.com where you can get this episode and every other episode where they all are. You know how it is at this point. It's fine. And we have a patron that we sort of do, but don't really at patrion.com/overachievers and let's say that's all I got.

Speaker 5: 01:09:56 [inaudible].